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Camera Poncho Photographs

These photographs show the Camera Poncho used on a Canon1DsMk2 and 17-40 zoom
The camera is mounted on an RRS BH 55 ballhead and a Gitzo 2228 tripod

The Camera Poncho is the perfect accesory to have when shooting in the rain or in blowing sand conditions
I use mine regularly

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Camera Poncho on 1DsMk2 and 17-40 lens

       The Camera Poncho is a rain cover for your camera and lens. It will protect your expensive equipment from getting damaged during rainstorms and thunderstorms. The Camera Poncho doubles-up as sand protection in sandy conditions such as in slot canyons where sand falls from the top of the canyon, in sand dunes or in a sandstorm. The camera Poncho is a piece of equipment you will be glad to have with you when shooting in sandy or wet locations. I use mine regularly. Click on the link below to see 9 additional photographs of the Camera Poncho:

       Click here to see additional Camera Poncho Photographs

Left side

Front view.

Right side

Opening for viewfinder

Rear view with viewfinder opening closed

Opening for LCD screen

Pocket for cleaning cloth
(cleaning cloth included)

The entire kit: Camera Poncho (folded), carrying bag and cleaning cloth.

The kit comes packaged with instructions

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