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What is Briot's View?

One Year Subscription + Briot's View CD-4
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What is Briot's View?

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One Year Subscription + Briot's View CDs 1, 2, 3 and 4
plus current essays emailed to you now
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1 - What is Briot's View?
Briot's View is Alain Briot's Subscription-based essay series. New essays are published throughout the year and delivered to subscribers in PDF format making it easy to print on any printer and on letter-size paper. Essays are made available to subscribers via a password-protected page on this site and cover a wide range of topics from technical to artistic.

As a subscriber, I guarantee you will receive a minimum of 4 essays per year. In effect, over the 4 years that Briot's View has been available, subscribers have received much more than 4 essays.

2 - About Briot's View CDs and Subscription
In November 2004 I published
Briot's View CD-1, which included a one year subscription to my series of essays on photography. I originally promised that subscribers would receive a minimum of 4 essays during their one year subscription.

After one year, subscribers who started their subscription in November 2004 had received 11 essays, nearly tripling my original expectations. These essays include product reviews -hardware or software-, such as WhiBal, ImagePrint, Ektaspace color space, Inkjet Control, QuickMats, Canon cameras, Epson printers and more.

In 2005 I published Briot's View CD-2. A number of new and never-before published essays were included on Briot's View CD-2, such as a 3-part interview conducted by James Morrissey, new essays in the Reflections and Photography and Art series and new product reviews.

In 2006 I published Briot's View CD-3. Again, numerous essays not available elsewhere are included on this CD.

In 2008 I published Briot's View CD4. As with all the previous Briot's View CDs, many essays on Briot's View CD4 are not available elsewhere.

Briot's View CDs and subscriptions are extremely popular with subscribers. I plan to continue the same successful approach to guarantee that you continue receiving essays that you both enjoy reading and find useful for your work.

3-Essay format
Each Briot's View essay is sent to you in PDF format.

Each essay is in letter size format on a white background. You can therefore print the essays on any desktop printer using regular letter size paper.

You are guaranteed to receive a minimum of 4 essays with your 1 year subscription, and 8 essays with your 2 years subscription. In practice subscribers receive many more essays than that, usually one per month depending on my writing schedule.

You can see the complete list of essays on all 4 Briot's View CDs by clicking on the links above.

Thank you.

Alain Briot

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