Briot's View CD-3

Briot's View CD-3 is the continuation of Briot's View CD-1 and CD-2.
All the essays on Briot's View CD-3 are unique to this CD. Brio't's View CD-3 features all the essays on photography that I published after the release of Briot's View CD-2. A total of 42 essays are on this new CD, many of them unpublished so far and therefore available only on the CD. All the essays are in PDF format and can be printed on letter size paper if you wish. I have not decided whether or not the unpublished essays will be made available separately or not. My feeling is that I may very well focus on writing new essays rather than publish those on the CD.

Audio Files Limited Time Offer
For a limited time you will receive an audio version from two of my essays. This audio version will consist of me reading the essays and will be provided in mp3 format so you can listen to it on your iPod or on any mp3 player, in your car, etc.

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The price of the CD includes shipping anywhere in the world. You do not pay extra for shipping no matter where you live in the world.

Free 1 year subscription to Briot's View
Brio't's View CD-3 includes a 1 year subscription to Briot's View at no extra cost. As a subscriber you will receive essays in PDF format regularly over email for 1 year. If you are already a subscriber your subscription will be extended for one year. Each essay is downloadable from this site via a page reserved to Briot's View Subscriber. The link to this page is emailed to you when you subscribe.

Table of Contents
You can read the list of essays in the list below.
You can also download the actual Table of contents featured on the CD, in PDF format, by clicking on this link.

Briot’s View CD-3 Contents
Briot's View CD-3 features 43 new essays, as follows:

A - Aesthetics & Photography Series
            1 - Artist in Business Part 1   
            2 - Artist in Business Part 2
            3 - Artist in Business Part 3

B - Reflections on Photography & Art series
            4 - Of Cameras & Art
            5 - The Eye & the Camera
            6 - Just Say Yes
            7 - HDR Reflections – New--Never published before
            8 - Paradigm Shift
            9 - Owning your Subject – New: Never published before 
           10 - Smaller is Better – New: Never published before 
           11 - Why do your own Printing ? – New: Never published before
           12 - Collecting Photographs– New: Never published before 

C - Thoughts & Photographs
            13 - What makes your work so special?
            14 - Photographing Cars– New: Never published before
            15 - Pure Dumb Luck
            16 - Phot’Art Portfolio
            17 - The Master File
            18 - Becoming a Music Producer

D - Booklets 
           19 - Death Valley Booklet – New: Never published before
           20 - San Juan River 2005 Booklet –  New: Never published before 

E - Marketing
            21 - Art & Business Question-Answer – New: Never published before
            22 - The Importance of Marketing – New: Never published before F - Student Essays
            23 - Studying Marketing – New: Never published before
            24 - Response to Cameras & Art
            25 - Photography & Poetry
            26 - Personal Style
            27 - Notes on Photographing a Nautilus
            28 - Antartica - Part 1
            29 - Antartica - Part 2 G - Book Reviews
            30 - Digital Photography
            31 - Mastering Landscape Photography
            32 - Phot’Art H - Technique
            33 - How Empty are Epson Cartridges? – New: Never published before
            34 - Holmes Color Spaces revised – New: Never published before
            35 - Digital Photography as Art – New: Never published before
            36 - Cropping & Composition
            37 - Epson R260 Review
            38 - Histograms
            39 - Monitor Calibration I - Interview
            40 - Wild Rivers Interview J - The Creative Process
            41 - New Lands Night
            42 - Seeing Like a Master – New: Never published before

Briot's View CD-3

- 43 new essays not published on Briot's View CD-1 or CD-2
- 14 essays have never been published before or sent to subscribers
- Only $44.95
- CD Collection is provided to you as a direct download.
- You can ask to have a CD mailed to you if you prefer (make sure to email us)
- Free audio versions of two major essays (Limited Time Offer)
- The CD comes with a 1 year subscription to Briot's View. As a subscriber you will receive essays in PDF format regularly over email for 1 year. If
you are already a subscriber your subscription will be extended for one year.
- You will receive 7 essays over email when you subscribe, in addition to the 43 essays on the CD that will be mailed to you.

Briot's View CD-1, 2 and 3
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Briot's View CD-1 List of Contents in PDF format

Briot's View CD-2 List of Contents in PDF format

Your Personal Style article was wonderful. I think it really hit the mark.
It has made me reflect many hours on "who I am."
Jackie Stoken, Briot's View CD subscriber

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