Stock Photographs, Licensing and Publishing Projects

All uses of my work, whether commercial or not, are subject to a use fee. The minimum fee is $250 and goes up from there, depending on the specific use, the number of photos used, the size of the print run, and other variables. I welcome all inquiries regarding the use of my images under this user fee. Please call me at 800-949-7983 to discuss your needs or email me at with a description of your projects and a list of the photographs you want to use.

After receiving the description of the intended use for my photographs, I will give you a quote for the applicable licensing fee. Typical uses include books, magazines, web publishing, stock photography, use of photographs in print and on web sites, etc. Digital files will be provided to you after the use fee has been paid and a contract describing the specifics of the agreement has been signed.

Please keep in mind that my body of work, both text and photographs, are protected under Copyright law, and that all unauthorized uses are subject to legal action. In addition, all unauthorized uses are subject to a $250 penalty minimum, going up from there based on the specific use, as described above. This penalty is charged in addition to the regular use fee.

Spiderock Sunset and other photographs published in Grand Circle Magazine. March 2006.

I work mostly with 4x5 and medium format and occasionally with 35mm. My stock collection consists of over 10,000 photographs to which I am constantly adding new images, locations and subjects.

I can provide you with photographs about a large variety of geographical locations. Please follow the portfolio links in the left sidebar to see a collection of my work organized by location.

My files contain many more images than what is visible on my web site and I am constantly adding new photographs. Here is a list of areas I photographed within the last six months:

The American Southwest
-The Grand Canyon
-Lake Powell
-Antelope Canyon
-Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge -Cranes, Snow Geeze and 4x5 wildlife photography (!)
-White Sands National Monument
-Many other locations

Landscapes and traditional life on the Navajo reservation. I have a large variety of locations in NavajoLand. Because I live in Chinle, in the heart of NavajoLand, I can provide you with coverage of areas not often photographed or simply never photographed due to their remoteness.

Some of the areas I have on file regarding Navajoland:
-Lukachukai area -Los Gigantes Buttes, sand dunes, Greg's Arch (Cove area), Hasdibito Canyon.
-Slot Canyons including Antelope Canyon and other remote slot locations
-Canyon de Chelly and Canyon del Muerto
-Horses and Horseback riders in Canyon de Chelly in color and sepia tone. The sepia tone images are
stunning and remind me of Edward Curtis' work.
-Chinle Area --sand dunes, arches,
-many other little known locations

Rock Art --Native American pictographs and petroglyphs
-Rock art site photographs showing both the rock art designs and the landscape in which they are located
-Close up of rock art designs
Sites recently photographed
-Three Rivers Petroglyph Site, New Mexico
-Many sites on the Navajo Reservation in the Four Corners area

Lake Superior and Michigan Upper Peninsula.
-Isle Royale National Park
-Porcupines Mountains
-Painted Rocks National Lakeshore
-Apostle Islands National Lakeshore

Michigan Island Lighthouse, published in National Parks Magazine, Spring 2007

Paris and France


Simply contact me regarding locations not listed here. Let me know the type of images you are looking for. I can provides you with digital images either uploded to your site or on CD Rom or with original transparencies.

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