The Mastery Trilogy Seminars

February 14th to 22nd, 2009
in Phoenix, Arizona

With Alain and Natalie Briot

You can also learn everything taught in the Trilogy Seminars
by studying with the

Trilogy Mastery Workshops on DVD

instead of attending the Seminars.

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The Trilogy Seminars
The goal of this series of 3 seminars is to provide you with a series of seminars that address all 3 aspects of photography: knowing how to compose the image you want, crafting an expressive print of this image, and marketing your photographs to a specific audience.

Starting from an idea, a vision coming from his inspiration, Alain uses specific tools and techniques to make this idea, this vision, into a reality. The end product is a fine art print, and the Trilogy Seminars presents the journey that take him from the initial idea to an expressive print.

The Composition Mastery Seminar teaches you how to follow the same journey with your own work, starting with learning where to find inspiration and how to develop a personal style to knowing how to compose an expressive image. During this journey we will look at examples from Alain's and other photographers' work, focusing on the difference between reality and how these photographers interpreted this reality. We will also provide you with exercises designed to foster your creativity and help you develop a personal style.

Printing Mastery Seminar is the logical continuation of this journey, and teaches you how to create fine art prints that are not only technically excellent, but that also express your personal vision.  To achieve this, we teach you how to place technique at the service of art and personal expression. Here too, Alain will use examples from his own work, and will also work on images from participants. A variety of sotware, hardware and other tools will be discusses. The overall focus will be on printing and image optimization as the demonstration of the highest level of craftmanship.

Finally, the Photography Marketing Mastery Seminar teaches you how to sell fine art photography in a professional and profitable manner. The seminar is taught by Alain and Natalie Briot, who are among the 10 best selling photographers living in the United States today. They will teach you their approach to marketing fine art photographs, including theory, practice and role playing. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and have your work reviewed from the perspective of its selling postential.

The Trilogy Seminars are priced individually. You therefore have the freedom of attending either one, two or all three Seminars. Combined fee discounts are available if you attend two Trilogy Seminars or all three Trilogy Seminars. Details are available on the description page for each seminar. These pages are accessible by clicking on the Seminar links above.

Location: The trilogy Seminars take place in Phoenix, Arizona. There are numerous world-class photographic locations nearby or within a half day drive that you can visit before, after or in-between the seminars, thereby making the best of your trip by combining the seminars with field work and relaxation.

Make sure to visit the links above to read a detailed description of each seminar.

If you cannot attend these seminars take a look at the:

1- Marketing Mastery Workshop on DVD
2-Printing Mastery Workshop on DVD
3-Composition Mastery Workshop on DVD

They are comparable in content and you will not need to travel