2017 Fine Art Photography
Marketing & Business Success Seminar
- Part 2 -

April 4 - 5, 2017 in Peoria (Phoenix), Arizona

I am offering a new Fine Art Photography Marketing & Business Success Seminar in Spring 2017. During this seminar I will be teaching the marketing techniques that I use today to sell on the web and in person. These techniques are not in my marketing books (the books were written in 2009 and 2011, a long time ago by marketing standards). Just like the 2016 marketing seminar, this seminar will only be offered once.

This seminar is entirely different from the 2016 Seminar. You do not need to have attended the 2016 Seminar to participate.

Available seats for 2017
Seats in this seminar are limited. I do not teach a marketing seminar regularly so I expect this one to fill out very quickly. The 2017 Seminar is the only marketing & business seminar I will teach in 2017.

What is the goal of this seminar?
The purpose of this seminar is to teach you how to be financially successful selling your fine art photography. If you tried selling your work and were disappointed by the lack of sales or profits, or if you are planning to sell your work and want to get started profitably immediately instead of making mistake after mistake, this seminar has your name on it. In other words: register now. If you are 100% happy with your income from print sales, if your business is running so smoothly that you sleep like a baby night after night, in short if you don't need any help at all with selling your work, just move on.

Why attend this seminar since I can read your book on Marketing photography?
Because the contents of this seminar are NOT in my marketing books or Mastery Marketing DVDs.

I expect most students who attend this seminar to have read my books on Marketing. While these are excellent books, they were written in 2009 and much has changed since then. While some of the information is still correct, much of it is no longer current.

In 2009, which is 8 years ago, selling photographs was much simpler than it is today. There was less competition and it was easier to make a sale. Today making a sale is harder and harder and you need new techniques to succeed. These techniques are not in my book because they were not required back then. They were developed since the book was published. I use them today and without those techniques I too would have seen a huge decline in my print sales. I did not and my print sales today are excellent but I owe this to some drastic changes that I implemented after my book was published.

Since 2009 tens of thousands of photographers have decided to sell their work. Many of these new photographers use cut-throat techniques and offer their photographs at rock-bottom prices. During this seminar I will show you how to compete with them successfully so that they are not a threat to you at all and so that you can sell your work at respectable prices.

In 2009 Social media was in its infancy and because of that my book does not go over it much. Social media is now indispensable however it can also take all your time. During the seminar I will show you simple techniques that will allow you to streamline your social presence so that you get exposure without having to spend all your time taking care of your social media pages.

Will you update your book with these new techniques?
No. I will not update my books. The only place these new techniques will be taught is during this seminar.

Can I learn your new techniques by watching your online marketing?
No you cannot and this for two reasons:

First because you are not me! While the techniques I use online work for me, they will not work for you unless you are me or you are in a position very similar to mine. Unless you have the name recognition, experience, career, leverage and audience size that I have you need to use different marketing methods than me. The purpose of this seminar is to teach you the approach that will work for you. To achieve this we will look at a variety of different marketing approaches that fit the different levels of experience that photographers have so that you can find the one that is right for you.

Second because even though you can see some of my marketing online via public channels, a huge amount of my marketing is done in a non public way, privately, one on one, through personal contacts that take place over email, text, voice phone or in person in my gallery. These never make it to the public and no one but me, Natalie and our clients know about it. Honestly there is no reason why these marketing efforts and transactions should become public. They are part of our everyday business dealings and the only way you will learn how they take place and what techniques we use by attending this seminar or doing one on one consulting with me.

Is this seminar for me?
This seminar is for you if, in no particular order:

- You want to sell your fine art photographs as a hobby and your goal is to generate a secondary income.

- You want to sell your fine art photographs as a full time activity and make it your primary or your sole source of income.

- You are not sure if selling fine art photographs is something you want to do and you want to learn what is involved in order to be successful, how much you can expect to make, how much work will be involved, how much money you will need to invest, what equipment you will need, what you will need to learn and so on.

- You have already started selling your fine art photographs but you find it challenging and your sales are either very low, non existent, or not what you want them to be. You therefore want to move up and reach a higher level of income.

- You need answers to specific business questions related to the sale of fine art photographs and you want the opinion of an expert who will give you truthful and helpful answers.

- You wonder if you should sell only fine art photographs or if you should sell other products and services as well, for example teach workshops, offer eBooks, offer products such as tee shirts, mugs, mouse pads, coasters, posters, etc. etc.

- You also wonder if these products can bring more money than fine art photographs alone.

- You want to open a gallery and you need to know if this is a good idea or a bad idea, how much money is involved, how much investment in necessary and so on.

- You have already opened a gallery but it is not doing as well as you would like and you need help with taking it to the next level.

- Your photography is unique and you are looking for a unique way of marketing and selling it.

- You want to learn salesmanship, learn how to talk to people and motivate them to buy your work, your products or your services.

- You find selling fine art photographs to be very challenging and you are about to quit (or you have already quit) because you don’t know how to make it work for you.

- You have been successful but things are getting tougher and tougher, sales are going down and you don’t know what to do.

- The competition is intense because there are many photographers out there selling their work and you don’t know what to do and how to compete with them.

- You had an exhibition of your work, your work looked fantastic, you got lots of compliments but you hardly sold anything or worse you did not sell anything at all.

- You read my book cover to cover, took 50 pages of notes, but you are struggling to make a sale and you are asking yourself: now what?

- You believe that even though you have never studied marketing you will figure this out on your own and with the help of your friends. If such is the case I will see you in 2 years, the average amount of time it takes for photographers to find out that this is not possible and that they will die trying. Figuring everything out on your own is very costly and frustrating. Marketing experts, not friends, know how to sell fine art photographs.

How are you going to teach all that?
I will teach you how to be successful selling your fine art photography by teaching you my personal system for fine art sales.

This system is based on my personal experience selling my own fine art photographs since 1995. This approach has proven to be very successful both for myself and for the students who have learned and followed my approach.

This system will be taught in full details during the Seminar. This is a two day seminar during which we will go through the entire system as follows:

- You will learn how fine art photographs are sold and how you need to sell yours in order to be financially successful.

- You will learn why people buy fine art photographs and why they don’t buy fine art photographs (and why knowing the reason for both is important).

- You will learn the exact steps I follow to make a sale, from the minute I meet a potential customer until the time they leave my gallery or booth with a photograph (or several) under their arm.

- You will learn the 7 unique and separate steps and why it is important to complete each of them in order to close the sale. Natalie and I follow all 7 steps for each and every sale, even with repeat customers. I taught Natalie how to do this and she is now as good or better than me.

- I will tell you which products and services (workshops, eBooks, tee shirts, mugs, mouse pads, coasters, posters, etc.) you should or should not sell.

- You will learn what you need to do in order to open a gallery and run it successfully.

- Of course you are free to open a gallery or not. However you have the information and this in itself will save you years of research, if you ever find out the answers on your own.

- You will learn how to run a profitable fine art photography business so that you don’t just make money, you also keep as much of the money you make as possible.

- You will learn how to have a life while running a successful business. This is not obvious. Most business owners don't have a life because they work all the time and often end up putting out fires all day long.

- You will learn how to make money doing this as a hobby and as a full time profession.

- You will learn how to not make the mistakes that every photographer makes (unless they studied with me).

- You will learn how to sell your unique style of photography.

- You will learn salesmanship. I will also teach you why not knowing salesmanship is costing you a huge amount of sales.

- You will learn that there are two types of sales. Sales of Type 1 bring just a few % of my income while sales of type 2 bring me the vast majority of my income (over 90%). Most photographers only make type 1 sales which means they miss out on over 90% of the sales they could make. We call this leaving money on the table. In this case they are leaving nearly all the money on the table. I will teach you how to ‘wipe the table clean’ so that you can maximize each and every selling opportunity.

- You will learn how many photographs you need to sell in one year to reach your personal income goals.

- You will learn which photographs sell the best, which sell the worst and how to find out which is what.

- You will learn how to price your work professionally and profitably.

- You will learn the size of the photographs you need to carry; both which size you must have and which sizes you don’t need to have.

- You will learn how many photographs you need to carry at a show, or in your gallery, or on your website and this for each of the different sizes you offer.

- You will learn how many matted photographs you will need, how many framed photographs you will need, and how many not matted or framed photographs you will need.

- You will learn whether it is best to cut your own mats or have them cut for you and how to make this decision.

- You will learn how to qualify potential customers so that you don’t waste half an hour or longer with ‘customers’ that will never buy anything (we call those tire kickers).

- You will learn how to find out what is the maximum amount a customer is willing to spend. I will also teach you how to find out the minimum amount (both are important).

- You will learn the different options available to you to advertise your site including what each of them cost, which ones are the most cost effective and which ones are free.

Will you have time for Personal questions?
Yes, we have set aside time for personal questions during the seminar. You will be able to ask any question you want about marketing fine art photography related to you and to your approach. There will be a specific time for this so that everyone has time to ask their questions.

What is the difference between the 2016 and the 2017 Seminars?
The 2016 Seminar focused on Selling photographs at art shows essentially. The 2017 Seminar will focus on selling photographs both at art shows and on the Web. The overall goals of the seminar is to help you maximize your sales in a variety of locations.

Not everyone wants to sell at art shows. It's a lot of work and there's more and more competition because everyone wants to do shows.

Personally I stopped selling at art shows in 2008. At that time I moved to selling exclusively on the web and through personal contacts. This suits my lifestyle much better.

However I had to make major adjustments to my marketing approach to continue being successful. I developed new techniques on my own, tested them and made changes until things worked successfully. The goal of this seminar is to teach you these techniques. A

By attending the seminar you will immediately know what works and how to do it. On your own you will waste huge amounts of time and money trying to figure things out. Fact is you may never figure it out because social media, apps and the web changes constantly. Its a moving target and you may run after it until you get exhausted and quit.

If you attended the 2016 Seminar you may remember that I did not have time to cover web sales and had to go over web sales material quickly. This time I will spend a large part of the Seminar covering web sales: website design and marketing, social media presence and marketing, which social media matter and which do not matter, how to write a blog to generate sales, how to write marketing email newsletters, how to write and answer customer emails, how to sell on Fine Art websites such as Fine Art America and others, and much more.

Another focus of the 2017 Marketing Success Seminar is talking to customers in order to generate sales, both in person, over the phone, over email and on social media. Artist-clients interaction is one of the most powerful ways of generating sales however it is rarely done correctly by artist because training is not available. This year, and for the first time, we will have live coaching during the seminar together with scripts and coaching reviews. Students will have the opportunity to see how to talk to customers live, practice with us, and take part practice sessions followed by a group review.

The goal is to have you come out of the seminar knowing exactly how to approach potential customers professionally, how to do so while maximizing sales, what to say to customers to motivate them to buy, how to answer customer questions correctly, how to turn questions into sales and much more.


This event takes place in Peoria, Arizona. Peoria is about 45 minutes north of the Phoenix airport. Lodging and travel information will be emailed to you after you register. A block of rooms at a discounted rate is available for Seminar participants.

We will start at 9am and end at 5pm on both days with a one hour break for lunch.

The cost of this unique seminar is $995. A limited time special offer is available if you register now.

Maximize your visit: attend the Antelope Canyon Workshop after the Seminar
The 2017 Antelope Canyon workshop is scheduled immediately after the seminar ends. You can therefore maximize your visit by attending both the 2017 Marketing Seminar and the 2017 Antelope Canyon Workshop.

Click here to read the description of the 2017 Antelope Canyon Workshop.

Antelope Canyon is the location where I created some of my all-time best-selling images. You can create some of your best selling images there as well. This is why we offer this workshop after the 2017 Marketing Seminar. The two are a perfect match and together they will allow you to maximize the value of your visit. Of course we will teach you how to create show winning images of Antelope Canyon during the workshop!

Plus, you save money on top of all that! Marketing seminar participants get the combined seminar + workshop registration fee for only $1990 instead of $2590 normally, a saving of $400, more than 20% off.

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