Facilities and Equipment  

During your visit you will see our new studio and gallery featuring state-of-the-art equipment set in a home studio and gallery environment.

1-View works on display and in process, both in our gallery and creative studio:

- Our current exhibition of framed and matted prints
- Portfolios of matted prints
- Prints in progress
- Digital files in progress
- Original drawings and sketches
- Alain’s books, posters, calendars, Music CDs, Video DVDs
- The Mastery Workshop on DVD series: Composition, Printing, Marketing, Layers and Master Class.
- Alain’s Master Files CDs
- Alain’s collection of Fine Art Photographs from other Photographers

2-See the equipment Alain creates his work with, including:

Digital equipment:
- Imacon film scanner for originals up to 4 x 5"
- Epson flatbed scanner for artwork up to 8.5 x 11"
- Apple and Windows computers (Natalie and I currently use 5 computers running at the same time to do our work)
- A variety of monitors
- GretagMacbeth color management hardware and software
- Epson digital video projector for demonstrations and reviews

Printing equipment:
- Epson printers accommodating print sizes up to 64"
- Hahnemuhle, Ilford and other papers
- ColorByte ImagePrint RIP software

- Hasselblad and Phase One medium format digital cameras
- Canon digital SLR cameras and lenses
- Linhof Master Teknica and Teknikardan 4x5 films cameras
- Gitzo tripods

- Adobe Creative Suite software with the latest version of Adobe Photoshop, Camera Raw, Bridge & Lightroom
- Adobe InDesign for layout work such as creating posters, CD covers, show invitations and other illustrations
- A wide variety of raw converters including Capture One, Raw Developer, DxO Optics Pro.
- Adobe Ac robe Pro for the creation of PDF portfolios and presentations.  PDFs can be designed to showcase not only photographs but also music, video and more
- Many more software packages too numerous to list here

Print viewing equipment:
- Just Normlicht Color Master L 5000 K desktop Print viewing station
- Solux lighting
- Archival mounting and presentation materials
- CD and DVD burners for archiving files

Carrying bags
LowePro, Tamrac, etc. carrying bags

Matting, mounting and finishing equipment:
- Eclipse Computerized mat cutter
- GTI Mercury laser matcutter able to laser cut mats 30”x40” and larger
- C&H Advantage Pro 60” table matcutter
- C&H Advantage Pro wall-mounted material cutter
- Coda 60” Dry mounting press
- A complete collection of mounting, matting, framing and print-curating hand tools and air-powered tools
- Kinetronics Antistatic air gun for dusting prints and frames
- Silent air compressor

Studio Size:
We use over 2500 square feet of studio work space. This includes separate rooms for :
- Gallery space for presentation and sale of fine art prints
- Image processing and printing
- Mat cutting
- Framing and mounting
- Teaching,
- Print reviews and image projection review

These are in addition to our indoor living space which totals over 5100 sq/ft.

Studio Garden:
Learn how we designed a botanical garden and discover the artistic process behind this unique artistic project.
Visit my Online Portfolio to see photographs taken in our home garden. You are welcome to photograph there as much as you like during your visit.

Also available:
- Phone and email
- FedEx, UPS, USPS and other carriers drop off and pickup services
- High Speed Wireless and cable internet access
- Fine expresso coffee – real coffee!
- French food

You can try it all:
During your one on one appointment you will get to try it all.  We can show you how to use any or all of the above.  Just let us know what you want to learn and what your interests are and we will design a custom program to fit your needs and interests.

3-Make the most out of your visit by photographing in Arizona

Nearby photographic locations:
We are located next to some of the finest natural locations in the world:

- The Sonoran desert: right outside our doors and offers a wide diversity of plants and desert scenery
- Barrio Architecture and Spanish Missions: one of the most colorful and photogenic architectural and cultural subjects
- Sedona: Red Rock Crossing, West Fork of Oak Creek, Oak Creek Canyon and more.
- Grand Canyon: one of a kind
- Northern Arizona: Navajoland, Slot Canyons, the Wave, and countless other fantastic locations

We can help you with locations where you can photograph during your visit when you register. Just ask.

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