Using the new features of the
iPhone, iPad and iPod OS4

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Apple recently introduced several new features for the iPhone, iPad and iPod with OS 4. I thought it would be helpful to have a short description of how to use these new features because this information is currently hard to find on the Apple website.

The new features
Folders -- How to place apps into folders:
1-Press on any app until it “giggles”
2-Drag one app onto another.
3-This automatically creates a new folder
4-this new folder is named after the app category
5-Place all the apps you want in this folder
6-Create other folders the same way for other categories

Multitasking -- How to see which apps are running:
1-Press the reset button twice
2-This opens a drawer at the bottom of the screen
3-All the apps you used recently are accessible from this drawer

Airprint -- How to print with AirPrint:
1-Only apps that have been updated for AirpPrint offer this feature
2-Those that do have a “print” buttom at the top of the screen
3-For example, in “Mail” this button is the checkmark icon at top right
4-Press this button
5-The first time you press “Print” you will be asked to select a printer
6-You need a printer compatible with AirPrint
7-If your printer is compatible it will be automatically discovered by the ipad/iPhone/iPod
8-My printer is apparently not compatible unfortunately

How to use Find my iPhone, iPad or iPod:
1-Go to Settings then choose Mail, Contacts, Calendars
2-Tap Add Account
3-Tap on Mobile Me button
4-Go through the signup process (it’s free)
5-Once done, install the Find my iPhone App (also free from the iTunes store)
6-Sync your iPad, iPhone, iPod
7-Use this app to find your iPad, iPhone,iPod



Essay and photograph Copyright © Alain Briot 2010
All rights reserved worldwide