Raw Conversion in Adobe Lightroom

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1 - Introduction
Lightroom is one of the most exciting Raw Converters. Offered as a free beta download until its official release, Lightroom has become part of many digital photographers toolkits.

Rightly so because Lightroom offers many unique capabilities. I personally use Lightroom myself, and in the two movies below I demonstrate the workflow that I follow when using Lightroom.

The first movie focuses on my general workflow when converting color photographs.

The second movies focuses on my workflow when converting photographs from color to black and white. I particularly like Lightroom's black and white conversion options, and I use them extensively when I need to convert images to black and white.

2 - The Printing Mastery Workshop on DVD
These two movies are part of the 200 movies, PDF files, Quickstep files and more that are featured on my Printing Mastery Workshop on DVD.

This unique DVD is based on my 2 day Printing Mastery Seminar, except you do not need to travel and you can watch each presentation as many times as you like and at your own pace.

You can find extremely detailed information on the Printing Mastery Workshop on DVD on this page: http://beautiful-landscape.com/Articles-CD.html

3 - The movies

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