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The publication of a portfolio of my work is always an important event. As the publication date gets closer I have concerns about print quality, presentation, image selection and more.

The portfolio featured in Phot'Art International, issue number 4, consists of 10 photographs, 5 of which are printed a full or near-full page-size. Phot'Art is roughly 8.5x11 inches in size, making for some very impressive images.

I must say that I am very pleased with the print quality. Luminous Canyon, which is on the opening page of the portfolio, is particularly pleasing to my eyes. Phot'Art focuses on very high print quality, and this issue is no exception.

I have photographed the 8 pages of my Phot'Art Portfolio and the resulting images are below. Keep in mind that these can only do partial justice to the print and image quality.

A short essay, in both French and English, accompanies my portfolio. This essay was written by myself and is published on the first page of the Portfolio

I encourage you to subscribe to Phot'Art if you have not already done so. I will be honored to sign and dedicace your copy of Phot'Art Number 4 the next time we meet if you like. At this time the only way to obtain copies is by subscription. I do not have any for sale or to offer as gifts.

About Phot'Art International
Phot’Art International is a Fine Art Photography Magazine published 4 times a year. It is available by subscription from the Phot’Art website at http://www.phot’

Phot’Art is published in France but each essay is written in both French and English, with the two languages provided side by side on each page. So, whether you speak only French, only English, or both, you will be able to read every feature in the magazine. 

The Phot’Art website provides subscription pages in 7 different languages, further  accommodating your linguistic preferences.  Here is the direct link to the English subscription page:

Phot'Art is shipped flat via Air Mail Post and only takes a few days to go from France to the US. Shipping is as fast as can be in my experience.

Alain Briot

Phot' Art Portfolio Pages 1 and 2:
Tsegi Snow Sunrise
Luminous Canyon

Pages 3 and 4
Hoodoo Circle
Monument Valley Shadows
Horseshoe Bend with Flowers

Pages 5 and 6
Zabriskie Point
Celestial Sunrise
The Dancing Rocks

Pages 7 and 8
Spiderock Sunset
Indian Paintbrush


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