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The announcement of a new photography magazine is always an exciting event, especially when this magazine focuses on quality, both in regards to images and to text.

Phot’Art is such a magazine.  It is new, its first issue dating back only to March 2006.  It is of high quality, featuring reproductions which, in my estimate, are second to none when compared to other high-end photography magazines.  In fact, the portfolio section of Phot’Art features what I think are the finest reproductions anywhere.  Why? Because of the reproduction quality per se first of all, and because a coat of glossy varnish is applied to the photographs in this section. The magazine is printed on 170 gr paper, and each page in the portfolio section receives a double coat of varnish.  First, a satin varnish is applied to the entire page.  Second, a glossy varnish is applied to the area covered by the photograph and not to the rest of the page, making the photograph stand out in a stunning fashion and giving brilliance and depth to the images.  The photographs look like glossy prints mounted on the page! In fact,  I was tempted to tear up the page and frame the photographs, so good are these reproductions ;- )

Phot’Art includes both color and black & white images as well as landscape, reportage and other genres.  No matter what type of photography you favor, you are bound to find something to your taste.

Phot’Art focuses on photography as art.  However, it does not feature only photographs.  Instead, Phot’Art provides insightful essays and commentaries on art, approach and technique, providing a satisfying reading experience.

Phot’Art features interesting essays and photographic portfolios.  For example, issue number two features a great article on creating digital panoramas, with beautiful images of Paris, France and other locations to boot. While I am not currently creating stitched panoramas, this article is really tempting me to try.

Phot’Art is available from the Phot’Art website at http://www.phot’

Phot’Art is published in France but each essay is written in both French and English, with the two languges provided side by side on each page. So, whether you speak only French, only English, or both, you will be able to read every feature in the magazine. 


The Phot’Art website provides subscription pages in 7 different languages, further  accommodating your linguistic preferences.  Here is the direct link to the English subscription page:

So far, each issue of Phot’Art has focused on a specific country: Italy for the first issue and China for the second issue.  Phot’Art is currently working on an issue focusing on the United States, in which a six-page portfolio of my work, with mat and glossy coatings : - ) will be included. 

The Publication Director of Phot’Art is Yvon Haze, who also operates, a website that provides fine art printing and services. is worth a visit as well, especially if you live in France or are looking for a reliable location to have your work printed.

Alain Briot


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