The 12 Advantages of Studying with the
Mastery Workshops on DVD/USB/USB Series

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Here are the 12 advantages of studying with the Mastery Workshop on DVD/USB/USB Series classes as opposed to learning some other way:

1 - You can study each lesson anywhere you want at your own pace.

2 - You can study each lesson as often as you want. You do not need to remember everything in 2 days as in a seminar.

3 - You do not need to travel and you therefore save on travel expenses such as airline tickets, hotel, car rental, food, etc.

4 - Other online, download or DVD/USB tutorials are designed as primers.  They expect you to attend a workshop or seminar afterwards.
Not so with my Mastery Workshop on DVD/USB. These are designed to be all you need.  You are not expected to attend a seminar afterwards.  Each Mastery DVD/USB teaches you all you need to know about each specific aspect of photography (Printing, layers, composition, art, marketing).

5 - Each tutorial in the Mastery DVD/USB series focuses on one of the 5 specific aspect of photography:
- Artistic Composition
- Technical Composition
- Personal Style
- Printing
- Image conversion and layer-based optimization
- Marketing
- Vision

6 - I stand behind and personally support each Mastery Workshop on DVD/USB 100%.  If you have questions about any aspect or content of your Workshop on DVD/USB simply email me and I will answer your question right away.

7 - I provide free updates via a password protected page reserved for Mastery Workshop on DVD/USB owners.  The link  and the password to the updates page is emailed to you when you place your order.  These updates are available for years to come.  For example, I have been providing free updates for the Printing Mastery Workshop on DVD/USB for over 5 years now.

8 - Each Mastery DVD/USB comes with a recording of the actual seminar in addition to the mastery workshop on DVD/USB itself.

9 - There is on average a total of 80 hours of audio and video recordings on each Mastery Workshop on DVD/USB.

10 - In addition to audio and video, and based on the subject of the DVD/USB, each Mastery Workshop on DVD/USB features a huge number of PDF files, text files, tutorial movies, Photoshop and Lightroom settings, Master Files, Photographs and more.

11 - You receive a $100 off coupon towards registration in any Workshop taught by Natalie and I.

12 - Each Mastery Workshop on DVD/USB comes with a fine art print matted, mounted and signed (on the print and the mat) to my exacting and demanding standards.

AND - When you order during our Limited Time Special Offer, the Mastery Workshops on DVD/USB are available at the lowest price they will ever be offered.You save $200 on one Mastery DVD/USB and much more on the complete set.

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