Start the Year in Style

This unique offer covers registration for the 2018 Moab, Arches & Canyonlands Fine Art Photography Summit, the Field Workshops, the Photography Marketing Success Seminar, and the one on one Studio Consulting and Mentoring Program.

1 - Introduction
Starting the year the right way is important. If your goal is to improve your photography and reach the next step with your work, our Start the Year in Style Special Offer will help you do just that. This promotion makes it easier to register for one of our training programs by saving you hundreds of dollars on Consulting, Seminars, Summit and Workshop registrations.

2 - The Special offers

Get a huge start to 2018 by reaching the next step with your photography. We prepared several unique promotions to help you attain your goals:

1 - Save $500 on the 2018 Moab, Arches and Canyonlands Fine Art Photography Summit registration for the Summit + field workshop registration. The 2018 Summit is in Moab, Utah with Jeff Schewe and Alain Briot a combination you just can’t pass on. The field workshops are already partly filled out so if you want to do both we recommend you register today.

2 - Get $200 off the April Marketing Success Seminar and $700 off the Marketing Success Seminar + the Antelope Canyon workshop afterwards.

3 - Get $100 off regular priced field workshops, as follows:
- 2019 Joshua Tree National Park Workshop

- 2019 Extended Antelope Canyon Workshop

We have 3 to 5 seats available in these depending on the workshop so again acting quickly is key to securing a seat at this price.

4 - Get $100 off one day consulting/mentoring and $300 off two days 1 on 1 consulting/mentoring appointments in our studio.

Use the special registration buttons on each linked page (except for the field workshops for which you need to call or email us). These buttons are only there for a limited time. They will disappear at any time. This could be tomorrow or in a couple days or shorter or longer, depending on how we feel. We are artists and thus unpredictable!

The best way to take advantage of these promotions is to register right now. Don't wait or they may be terminated when you come back or someone will have taken your seat before you...

3- Start the Year in Style free essay
To further help you start the year in style, I wrote a free essay on my Reflections blog titled Reaching Your Goals in 2018.

4 - Questions
If you have questions about this special offer, or If you prefer not to use Paypal, you can place your order over the phone by calling us at 800-949-7983 (US) or 928-252-2466 (international) or over email by emailing us at

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This promotion is available for a limited time only and will be terminated at any time without notice.
This promotion cannot be combined with other discounts, promotions, coupons, special offers, alumni discounts, prior credits, prior workshop or consulting registrations or workshop transfers. It only applies to the items listed on this page.