San Juan Pre-Show Purchase Opportunity
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Important: Only one piece of each image is available. When sold the paypal button will disappear
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Anasazi Gold


Petrglyphs & Striations

Mists of the San Juan River


River Runners

Slickhorn 2

Glowing Wall

Oljeto Wash

Ledge Ruin Sunrise

Sand & Reflections

Anasazi Granary

Desecration Black & White

The Desecration Panel, 16x35 Panorama

San Juan Reflections, 16x35 panorama

Important information:
There are twelve 16"x20" and two 16"x35" for a total of 14 photographs in the show and for pre-sale. They are all dry mounted onto a 1" thick wooden support and protected by a mat laminate finish. The trim is mat black. Each piece is signed on the front and has my "Certificate of Authenticity Label" on the back. A hanging wire is mounted to the back of each piece making them ready to display.

We just completed these 14 pieces, and I must say that they look stunning! However, because this process is incredibly time-consuming, Natalie and I are limiting ourselves to creating one piece of each photograph.

The price is $485 for each 16x20 and $785 for each 16x35 ready-to-display photograph, including shipping (dimmentions are approximate). There is only one piece of each available. Here is what you will receive in addition to your signed, collectable and ready-to-display artwork:

1 - The master file of the photograph(s) you selected on a CD.

2 - A credit equal to 10% of your purchase if you purchase 2 or more photographs from this collection. This credit can be used towards any other purchase made from us, including workshops, CD's, and everything else. This credit will be deducted from your next purchase. To use your credit simply call us or email us with what you want to use your credit towards.

3 - My "Maytag" 100% money back guarantee on each photograph. Nobody ever uses it (that's why I call it the Maytag warranty) but it's there. For those not familiar with American culture (I wasn't when I first came to Arizona) Maytag is an appliance company whose repairman never has anything to do because the appliances are so reliable.

4 - Last --but definitely not least!-- Volume 2 in the Beaux Arts Collection, a 25 pages, 6"x8" booklet titled "San Juan River" will be included with each order at no extra cost. This booklet is the catalog for the show and contains additional photographs not included in the show. Just like the Death Valley Booklet, this is a limited edition of only 50 booklets.

There is no extra charge for these additional items. Your total is the cost of the photograph and nothing else. Shipping is included in the price, no matter where you live in the world. You do not pay extra for shipping, and we do not penalize you because you live far away.

When will I receive my artwork after making my purchase?
Your artwork will be shipped in June, after the San Juan Show which runs from May 15th to May 28th. Your piece will be exhibited, with a "sold" sign next to it, then carefully packaged and shipped to you immediately after the show. Remember, there is only one piece of each photograph, so we have to exhibit yours, otherwise the show will not be complete. If you want we can write your name on the sold sign at the show, however we will only do so only if you want us to.

Thank you for your purchase!
Natalie and I want to personally thank you for your purchase. We love this collection and we know that you do too. These pieces are truly unique and special. The San Juan River is the only river that can be rafted in Navajoland, where we lived for 7 years and where we return each month. It is also the birth place of Changing Woman, an important deity in Navajo mythology. For these reasons, and many more, this place and this show are very meaningful to us.

Every piece is mounted on a 1" thick wooden base with mat lamination and hand-signed.
A certificate of authenticity is attached to the back of each piece.

All photographs are Copyright © Alain Briot 2006
All Rights Reserved Worldwide