Reflections on Photography & Art

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The Reflections on Photography and Art is my most recent essay series. It addresses the relationship between Photography and other art medium, and takes for point of departure that photography, as I practice it and define it in this series, is an art.

If I dare compare my writings to music I suggest that we consider the essay in this series as fugues and my longer essays as operas.  While the later sets a stage and proceeds to display an elaborate performance, the former responds to the whim and desires of the moment in a spontaneous display of character. 

Yours watching the curtain being lifted,


List of essays in this series:


1-Art & Science

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2-Subject Matter & Print Size

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(the titles listed below are tentative and may be changed at any time)

3-The Color of Emotion

4-Photography is Art

5-Of Cibachromes and Ultrachromes

6-The Expressive Print: technique at the service of art

7-The issue of Talent

8-The myth of photography as luck

9-How to create a Best Seller

10-Being an artist in business: money and the pursuit of happiness

11-Thoughts and Feelings

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