Alain Briot Print of the Month Collection
Testimonials from print collectors

Zabriski Point arrived this weekend, and it is simply stunning.
The paper, the matting, very very professional and speaks "quality."
The photograph itself is much like the desert.
It speaks slowly, revealing itself over time. Very subtle and yet a very powerful force of nature.
An excellent work. The Master File is icing on the cake!

Bob Fields, Texas


Simply stunning

John Sarge, San Diego, CA


This month's photograph is stunning!
Ken Krahn

The print is fabulous.
Doug Robinson

Mr. Briot, I wanted to let you know how happy I am with the picture I purchased from you last month. I have it hanging in my office at work so that I can enjoy it each and every day. Everyone that comes in asks me about it. They, too, agree the picture is awesome.

Cathy Crouse, Lowgap, North Carolina.

I just got the photograph and I think that it is amazing, so much better than on the screen especially if you light it up correctly with a spotlight. It looks so good that it is always mistaken by myfriends to be a painting ! And when I tell them it is a photograph they cannot believe it.

Chandra Sekhar, Austin, Texas

I received my March Print of the Month today and I have to tell you that the quality of your work is stunning, and that your photographs look a lot better in reality than on the internet. The web just doesn't do justice to fine art photographs.

You have to see the real thing to really appreciate Alain's work.

John Beacon, New York

I received your print today and just want to say: WOW! Yes, it is breathtaking. I get some ooohs and ahhs from some of the work I print but your print was awesome.
Keep up the good work. Thanks for running the special to entice some of us to sample what is possible with current technology, skill, and a strong dedication to excellence.
From the matting to the packaging it was a first class job.

Carl Fountain, Lakewood, California

The Portfolio arrived this morning. As I unwrapped the package, it was like a little boy dipping his hand into the cookie jar - full of expectations and not knowing which one to have first.

The photos are absolutely amazing - quality, quality, quality! The individual compositions are masterpieces in their own right. And the portfolio case, the notes and the CD all add to the excellence of the Portfolio. I am dying to show it off to my photographic friends.

The one particular benefit from your description of the portfolio on your website is that I can examine each one of the prints in some detail to decide whether I like it or not - not buying blind purely based on the reputation of the photographer and some chosen samples. To me this is a winning formula which singles you out from others offering portfolios to potential buyers; it gives potential buyers confidence that each image is a masterpiece and worthy of acquisition.

Thank you for the care and attention to the packaging to ensure the portfolio arrives in pristine condition. I shall be spending time on looking at the images, with the CD playing in the background. This is like heaven!

With best regards

Ken, United Kingdom

After unpacking your photograph, "Canyons of the San Juan 1," I was blown away by the colors, highlight, shadow detail, and the overall dynamic range of the image. The image posted on your web site comes nowhere near to expressing the brilliance and beauty of the actual print. It is simply superb and I am very glad that I chose this one.

The presentation, framing, matting, and backing were also first rate. The frame complements the image very nicely. The print was very well packaged to prevent any damage and it arrived as promised. If we ever move I’d like to hire Natalie to help with the packing ;-)

All in all Alain, a first rate job all the way around! I will look forward to displaying this image to friends and visitors.

David White, Grass Valley, CA

Spectacular...I love this picture (Zabriskie Point). It's simple, colorful and artistic. This piece glows with its warming colors and draws me in.  The detail and light portray an almost three dimensional effect.

Gary Stewart, Georgetown, Texas

How on earth do you get those sensational colors? I look forward to perusing the Master File disk when it arrives--hopefully there will be some clues there!

Scott Woods, Scarsdale, New York


Playa Reflections is one of the most exciting images I have seen in some time.

Ed Dahlin