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Holiday 2015
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Buy 3 prints of the Month for the price of 2 and get free US Shipping

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How it works:
Select three prints in the Print of the Month Collection and pay only for two prints. You get the third one for free.

You get the Print of the month price on those two prints and not the regular price. You also get free shipping if you live in the United States.

There is a $300 difference between the regular price and the Print of the Month price. Or, to put it differently, the Print of the Month is priced $300 lower than the regular price for the same size print. For 3 matted prints this represents a $900 saving. If you order. However, since you get the third print for free your savings total $1495 matted and $1695 if you order them framed.

There are 153 different fine art prints you can choose from in the Print of the Month Collection. You can see the entire print of the Month collection by clicking here.

How to order:
To order, simply use the paypal buttons below. After you place your order email me at to let me know the title of the prints of the month that you want me to ship you.

This offer is for the holiday season. It will end when 4 orders have been placed.

Three 16x20 Matted Fine Art prints:

Regular Price: $2685
Now: $1190 ($595 x 2) + free USA shipping

You save $1495 over regular pricing

Only 4 orders available at this price

16x20 mat size

Three 16x20 Framed Fine Art prints:

Regular Price: $3285
$1590 ($795 x 2) +
free USA shipping

You save $1695 over regular pricing

Only 2 orders available at this price

16x20 mat and frame size

This offer is for 16x20 mat and frame size artwork. The print size varies according to the format of the image, however the largest size is 15", width or height depending if the image is horizontal or vertical. All prints are matted and signed both on the print and on the back. A certificate of authenticity label is attached to the back of each piece.


We ship worldwide and do not charge extra shipping costs for orders shipped to the United States. Shipping costs to international destinations are charged separately. If your order is shipped to an international destination, we will email you the shipping costs after we receive your order. US orders are shipped via US Priority Mail insured and trackable. International and overseas orders are shipped via US Airmail insured.

Each package is professionally packed and insured for its full value by us. We guarantee that you will receive your matted or framed photograph in perfect condition or we will replace it. Simply contact us and return the damaged photograph to us. We will ship you a new piece right away at no extra cost.

All photograph are available framed or unframed. All photographs are hand-signed both on the mat and on the print. The frames are handmade Mahogany Finish Frames. The moulding is truly magnificent and does emphasize the beauty of the images. The photograph I took of the moulding shows very closely how beautiful this presentation is. However, keep in mind that these frames look better in reality than a web photograph can show. You just won't believe your eyes when you receive yours. All the framing materials used are Museum Quality and all the supplies are archival. All my work is guaranteed for life in regard to fading and damage caused by framing materials.

Framed pieces are delivered in a stunning mahogany finish frame.

One month, 100% Money Back Guarantee
All purchases are covered by my unique 100% Take one month to decide money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason just return it (in original condition) for a refund or credit. Take one month to decide.

The simplest way to order is to use the order buttons above. After you place your order, simply email us at with the title of the three photographs you want us to ship to you. We will not ship your order before hearing from you, so there is nothing to worry about.

If you prefer, you can also call toll free at 800-949-7983 or 928-252-2466 and place your order over the phone using any credit card.

Sales tax is added only to orders shipped to Arizona. No tax is charged on out of state or international orders.

After unpacking your photograph, "Canyons of the San Juan 1," I was blown away by the colors, highlight, shadow detail, and the overall dynamic range of the image. The image posted on your web site comes nowhere near to expressing the brilliance and beauty of the actual print.

It is simply superb and I am very glad that I chose this one.

The presentation, framing, matting, and backing were also first rate. The frame complements the image very nicely. The print was very well packaged to prevent any damage and it arrived as promised. If we ever move I’d like to hire Natalie to help with the packing ;-)

All in all Alain, a first rate job all the way around! I will look forward to displaying this image to friends and visitors.

David White
Grass Valley, CA