Alain Briot Print of the Month Collection
Print of the Month Photograph Number Four

Navajo Mustangs in Canyon de Chelly, Arizona
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Mr. Briot, I wanted to let you know how happy I am with the picture I purchased from you last month. I have it hanging in my office at work so that I can enjoy it each and every day. Everyone that comes in asks me about it. They, too, agree the picture is awesome.

Cathy Crouse, Lowgap, North Carolina.

Navajo Mustangs in Canyon de Chelly, Arizona
Here is the fourth photograph in the Alain Briot Print of the Month Collection. It is titled "Navajo Mustangs in Canyon de Chelly National Monument." This is a unique photograph which to me symbolizes freedom, and the spirit of the West." I really love it and I know you will too. Just like last month's photograph "Clearing Spring Storm over Canyon de Chelly" this image was created while Natalie and I lived in Chinle, Arizona, at the mouth of Canyon de Chelly on the Navajo Reservation.

However, this is where the similarities stop!

This image was taken by myself while I was on horseback! Did I use a 4x5? Well, not quite. In this instance mobility was the key and I had to forfeit my favorite camera in favor of something more portable! I created this image with my Fuji 645zi medium format camera on Fuji Provia 120 medium format film.

This camera worked really great for such an image because I did not have to do everything manually and could therefore focus on the most important aspect of my work: the composition.

You see, when you are on the back of a horse staying there is half of the challenge! Composing a beautiful photograph is definitely much more challenging than when you are standing onto firm ground! And, the last thing you want is to have to worry about focusing, calculating exposure, winding the film and so on.

A lot of people have asked me if this image was a composite or if it was staged. The answer to both questions is no. It is a single exposure of horses running along the sandstone walls of Canyon de Chelly. My wife Natalie, our Navajo Guide and myself were riding along in canyon de Chelly on a brisk January morning when a band of horses came running behind us. I stopped my horse and moved to the other side of the canyon. As they ran past us across the canyon I
was able to take 3 photographs. I was limited by the speed of the motor winder on the 645zi (the best way to describe this winder is "very slow"). Then they were gone. Only one frame shows the horses along the wall. The photograph before this one shows them coming toward us and the next photograph shows them running away from us. But, the good news is that the "good' photograph is both perfectly exposed and perfectly focused!

This is a unique image because I photograph animals only occasionally. To me this image of mustangs running free in the heart of NavajoLand expresses both Freedom and the spirit of the West. It expresses these feelings as well, or perhaps even better, than the most beautiful landscape photograph. I like it so much that I am in the process of creating a 60" long version to display in my home. Each time I look at the horses in this photograph I am amazed at their power, their drive and their free will. I have spent hours contemplating them running at will, going wherever they want to go, following their leader yet each retaining their individuality and free will, acting as a group and yet each thinking for itself. I never tire of looking at them, especially because the colors of the horses and the canyon wall look so good together, and because these warm colors "warm" my soul so to speak.

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