2009 Rock Art Perspectives Show

High Desert Museum, Bend Oregon

Five of my large format rock art fine art prints are featured in the show
Rock Art Perspectives: Pictographs and Petroglyphs

at the High Desert Museum in Bend, Oregon.

Detailed information about this show is available on the High Desert Museum website.

The show runs until May 31st, 2009.
It opened on February 13th and the official reception is on April 2nd.

Three photographers are featured in this show: Alain Briot, David Muench and Michael Frye.
Artwork by Native American artists and findings by archeologists are also part of this show.

Photographs of the show are displayed below.
All the framed photographs on these images are by me
The prints range in size from 20x30 to 30x40 inches.



Biography and Artist Statement

Biography and Artist Statement close up

Jpegs of my fine art prints featured in the show are displayed below:

Life-Size Antrhopomorph with flowers,
Dead End Canyon, Coso Range, California

Dead End Canyon #1
Coso Range, California

Six foot wide bighorns
Big Petroglyph Canyon, Coso Range, California

Running Bighorns
High Coso Range Region, California

Dead End Canyon #2
Coso Range, California

Alain photographing a rock art site in Arizona
Photograph by Ian Reid

All images are copyright 2009 © Alain Briot
except Alain's Portrait taken by Ian Reid

All rights reserved worldwide