Polaroid Fotobar & Museum

The Polaroid Museum and Fotobar is located in the Linq Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.
The fotobar is on the 1st level and the Museum on the second level.

The fotobar provides on demand printing and offers many polaroid accessories for sale.
The museum presents the history of polaroid cameras and showcases the work of artists who photographed with polaroid cameras

Polaroid Fotobar and Museum

Polaroid Fotobar and Museum entrance

Natalie in a giant Polaroid frame

1 - Polaroid Fotobar

Alain in a giant Polaroid frame

First Polaroid FotoBar opens in 2013

Polaroid Fotobar

Books for sale

The Fotobar at night

2 - Polaroid Museum

Prints from the Polaroid 20" x 24" Camera

Natalie in front of a Polaroid SX 70 mural

The Polaroid Model 95, 1948. The first Polaroid Camera

Polaroid Type 40 film box poster.
This is the film used in the Model 95 Camera

Polaroid Collage #1

Polaroid Collage #2

Natalie and Andy Warhol wax figure

Gerogia O'Keefe Polaroid

Russell Means Polaroid
Natalie taught his son, Tantonka Means, in Canyon de Chelly

The Polaroid Museum

Polaroid TimeLine

One Step Camera and Prototype

Wooden prototype for folding Polaroid camera


Wooden prototype for folding Polaroid camera

Edwin Land quote

Edwin Land and Steve Jobs

Edwin Land and Steve Jobs

Marc Serota Polaroid Transfers

Marc Serota story

October 1972 Life Magazine cover poster

Polaroid Ads and magazine covers

Polaroid Timeline poster

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