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Alain Briot Fine Art Photography Review
Click here to listen to my audio description of the Fine Art Photography Review

1 - The Photography Reviews:

November 2007
Jason Keefe
December 2007
John Adler
January 2008
February 2008
Robert Cook
Audio description
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I just listened to your review of the photograph by Jason Keefe and you did a wonderful job explaining the important things to consider, aspects that create a stronger composition, a stronger image and what to think of when photographing in the field. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, making them easily accessible and free.

I think you have hit on an approach to coaching photographers that is interesting and valuable. Your open reviews are going to be very popular for photographers that want to improve their results.

Tom Hill

2- The Photography Review Format:
How this works: the Alain Briot Fine Art Photography Review is open to everyone. All you need to do to participate is email one of your photographs in jpeg format to Your jpeg should be 700 pixels maximum width or height.

An audio file in which I describe the goals of my Fine Art Photography Review and the process that I will follow when I review your work is available. Click here to listen to it now. This audio file is also available through my podcast.

Review format: the selected images will be reviewed in movie format and the reviews will be posted to this page and to my podcast.

Review length:
the length of the review is between 5' and 10' on average.

Scope of the review: These are short reviews. In 5 to 10 minutes I cannot cover all aspects of your work. I therefore focus on what I consider to be some of the most important aspects. Doing a complete review of a photograph can take an hour, sometimes more. If you are looking for a more in-depth review of your work, or for a review of several photographs or of a portfolio, take a look at my 1 on 1 consulting program as it may be more adapted to your needs. A detailed description of my consulting program is available at this link.

Review frequency:
This is a monthly review. A new review is published each month, usually during the first week of the month.

Subject matter:
landscapes are preferred, be it grand landscapes, details or abstractions from landscape elements. This is because landscapes are my specialty. Other subjects can be submitted as well, although priority will be given to landscape images.

Privacy: we respect your privacy. You can ask that your name does not appear in your review. Instead we will use the title of your photograph as the title of your review. Just let us know what your prefererences are.

Marketing: image marketability is the combination of many factors, of which only one is the content of the image itself. I might address marketing in this review series, however this will depend on the image. Usually, to evaluate the marketability of a photograph, I need to know the variables involved in your marketing approach, something which I cannot know by looking at an image on screen. I elaborate on this aspect of photography in my essay on Marketing which you can read by clicking here. Be sure to read it.

Questions & suggestions: if you have any questions or suggestions about this program be sure to email me. I look forward to hearing from you and to seeing your images :-)

Alain Briot

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The photographs featured in the print reviews arecopyright © the respective photographers whose work appear in the reviews
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The Photography Review policies may be changed at any time without notice