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Alain Briot
Fine Art Photography Summit Collection

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The Fine Art Photography Summit Collection features Alain's Summit Presentation recordings
and handouts from 2006 to 2016. That's 11 Summits!

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A - Introduction
The Fine Art Photography Summit Collection features the complete recordings of all the presentations Alain gave at the yearly Fine Art Photography Summits from 2006 to 2016. 11 Summits total and over 45 presentations!

The Collection also features all the seminar handouts, texts, location maps, presentations files and all the other documents that were given to Summit participants. These are provided to you in eBook/PDF format.

B - About the Fine Art Photography Summit
The Fine Art Photography Summit is a yearly event organized by Natalie and Alain Briot. The event was started in 2003 and it is now in its 15th year. The Summit is held in a different location and features a different guest speaker each year.

The Summit is a combination of classroom presentations and field photography. We photograph at sunrise and sunset and during the day Alain and the guest speaker give several seminar-style presentations. In the evening participants have the opportunity to work one-on-one with Alain and the guest speaker.

During the Summit we print a selection of photographs taken by Summit participants. A projected group review of these photographs place on the last day of the Summit.

We also raffle gift items among which the printer we used during the summit as well as extra paper and other goodies.

If you want to learn more about the Summit click here to read my essay about the 2017 Zion Summit.

C - Here are the 11 Summits featured on the Fine Art Photo Summit Collection DVD/USB:
1 - 2006: Page Fine Art Photography Summit
2 - 2007: Zion Fine Art Photography Summit
3 - 2008: Bryce Canyon Fine Art Photography Summit
4 - 2009: Zion Fine Art Photography Summit
5 - 2010: Moab Fine Art Photography Summit
6 - 2011: Death Valley Fine Art Photography Summit
7 - 2012: Zion Fine Art Photography Summit
8 - 2013: Page Fine Art Photography Summit
9 - 2014: Moab Fine Art Photography Summit
10 - 2015: Death Valley Fine Art Photography Summit
11 - 2016: Page Fine Art Photography Summit

D - Contents of the Summit Collection on DVD/USB

1 - You get over 47 hours of audio recordings
This is the entire audio recording of Alain's Summit presentations from 2006 to 2016: Eleven (11) different summits! It is like being there except you don't have to attend, you don't need to travel, you can listen as often as you want, as many times as you like and you can take your time going through all the materials.

2 - You get over 60 different eBooks for a total of over 200 pages covering each presentation Alain gave at the Summit from 2006 to 2016.
These materials are carefully organized year by year with a different table of content for each Summit (Click here to see the table of contents). This makes it very easy to access the material and study at your own pace.

The recordings are all in mp3 format which means you can listen to them anywhere and on any device: cell phone, ipod, laptop, computer, music system, in your car, at home, etc.

3 - You get 4 different slide shows, one for each year from 2013 to 2016, featuring photographs taken by Summit participants during the Summits. The slide shows are accompanied with Native American flute music by Travis Terry.

4 - You get the demonstration files used by Alain during his 2016 Summit presentations.

5 - You get six essays not available on any other Mastery DVDs.
Here are the titles of these essays:
- The Fine Art Photography Summit Collection
- About the Summit CDs
- The Summit Logos
- The 2003 Summit
- Uwe Steinmueller
- Michael Reichmann

6 - You receive a $100 off coupon towards any of our workshops
Your Summit Collection 2006-2016 comes with a $100 off coupon good towards any of our workshops. This coupon carries no expiration date and can be used at any time.

Available on DVD or USB Card, your choice

E - Pricing
The Fine Art Photography Summit Collection, 2006-2016, features Alain's presentations for 11 Summits.

If you want to attend the Summit the registration fee is $995. Multiplied by 11 this means that the total registration fee for the 11 Summit featured in the Summit Collection would come to $10,945. This is what it would cost you if you attended all 11 Summits.

I decided to offer the Summit Collection at a huge discount: $1995 for all 11 Summits which represents a saving of $8950.

However, during the limited time special offer (which ends in a few days) I will do even better and slash that price in half so that you only pay $995 for the Summit Collection: all 11 Summits of Alain's Presentations and handouts.

This means a saving of $9950 compared to attending all 11 Summits and paying the $995 registration fee 11 times. You could not attend these 11 summits anyway because they are past and will not be repeated. Each Summit is different, with different presentations, different photography locations, different activities, etc. The Summit collection is the only way to experience these 11 Summits today.

F - How to order:

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2006 - 2016
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The entire
Summit Collection
from 2006 to 2016
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You can also order by phone at 1-800-949-7983 in the US and 928-252-2466 internationally,
by mail or email by sending us your name, address phone and credit card number
and by email at alain@beautiful-landscape.com

G - A recap of everything you receive with your Summit Collection on DVD/USB order:
1 - Over 47 hours of audio recordings - The entire Summit recordings of Alain's Presentations are there.
2 - Over 60 different eBooks for a total of over 200 pages of content in eBook/pdf format. These eBooks are not available separately.
3 - Four slide shows featuring photographs taken by Summit Participants.
4 - The demonstration files used by Alain during his 2016 Summit presentations.
5 - Several Location Maps showing the locations we photographed during the Summits.
6 - Six essays not available on my other Mastery Workshops on DVD.
7 - A $100 off coupon towards registration in any of our workshops or seminars.

H - USB Flash card delivery option (instead of DVD)
If you do not have a DVD reader in your computer, or if you prefer USB flash cards to DVD, we can ship you the Summit Collection on a USB Flash card instead of on a DVD. If you want to take advantage of this option, simply place your order using the link above, then email us at alain@beautiful-landscape.com to let us know that you want your order delivered on a USB Flash Card rather than on DVD. The cost is the same.

Text and Photographs are copyright © Alain Briot 2017
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