Learn how to sell your photographs

DVD Package Extra Contents

The Marketing Mastery Workshop on DVD comes with several examples to help you visualize the kind of products you can create and sell.

Each of these products was created by myself and is currently sold on my site, or at shows, in galleries, on the web, wholesale or in other venues.

Below are large-size images of these products together with a description of how they fit in the marketing system that I teach you:

San Juan Canyon
Fine Art Print, 8x10 mat size

This photograph is printed, mounted, matted and presented in the exact same way that my fine art work is sold,
either on the web, in galleries, wholesale and in other locations. This is not only a beautiful image, this is also a great example to learn how to print, mat, mount and package your work professionally.
This print is signed, the signature is simply not shown on this page.

Travis Terry, Grand Canyon CD
promotional postcard

This promotional postcard was used to announce and market Travis Terry's latest CD: Grand Canyon.
The print quality, the text and the layout of this postard will show you exactly how you can use postcards to
advertise your own work. They work great with all types of products, not just music.
The marketing text on the back is the most important and does not appear in the image above.
It is the text that makes the sale.

Navajoland DVD

I created the Navajoland DVD about 2 years ago and I have been selling it retail on my site and wholesale in
galleries and giftstores since then. It has proven to be very popular.
In the Marketing Mastery Workshop on DVD I explain why a DVD of your photographs
is a great addition to your line of prints.
I also explain which other products I recommend you carry in addition to your fine art photographs.

Just like the postcard, the DVD features a marketing piece in the slipcase.
This piece is not shown here. It is this marketing piece that makes this DVD not only a product
but also a marketing vehicle.
In effect this DVD becomes another piece of your maketing system.

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