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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1 - Does the DVD work on both Macintosh and Windows?
Yes. the DVD works perfectly on both Macs & Windows (or PC’s), either desktop or laptop.  It will also work on any platform that can run Adobe Acrobat, and play Quicktime and mp3 files.

2 - Is the DVD included in the fee for the Marketing Mastery Seminar ?
No.  The DVD is sold separately and is not included in the fee of any of our workshops and seminars.  The DVD and the workshops/Seminars are entirely different products, each with unique advantages and benefits.

3 - Will the DVD play on my television set?
No. This is a DVD Rom designed to run on your computer.  A computer is needed because there are links to sound files as well as internet links and links to other types of files such as Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft Word files.

4 - Will you provide upgrades to the DVD contents?
Yes. I will provide upgrades when significant software upgrades are released, or when I introduce changes in my workflow, or in the tools and supplies I use.

5 - Will there be a cost for these upgrades?
Updates will be free for one full year from the day you purchase the DVD.  Each update is posted to the “Photography Marketing Mastery DVD Owner Page" on my website.  DVD owners are emailed the link when they purchase the DVD. From this link they can download all the updates for free.

6 - Will the updates make it to the physical DVD?
Yes, but only when a major update is released. Until then the updates will be available from the DVD Owners Page.

7 - Did you keep any secrets for yourself rather than reveal everything you do on the DVD?
No.  The DVD is an exact description of how I currently market and sell my work. It is a comprehensive compilation of the knowledge I acquired selling my work over the past 10 years. I did not keep any secret because I wanted the DVD to be both a teaching tool and a faithful record of what I do to sell my images.  If there is a secret, it is called Mastery, and this secret will be yours if you practice the 29 steps on the DVD time and over again (see section 10 below for more information on Mastery)

8 – How is the DVD priced?
The DVD is priced similarly to my Marketing Mastery Seminar because the DVD contains the same knowledge as the seminar.  The price of the DVD will go up as the Seminar Price increases.  The best time to buy the DVD is now as it will not be offered at a lower price in the future. The knowledge offered on the DVD will always be cutting edge because it will be updated as new tools and approaches are introduced.

9-What are the main differences between the DVD and the seminar?
You can listen to the audio files and read the PDF’s as many times as you want, wherever you want and whenever you like.  In the seminar, you only hear each presentation once and you must be physically present.  Tthe DVD also saves you a significant amount of money in travel expenses including airfare, hotel, car rental, dining out, etc.  You also get to study at your own pace.  You can take a year for example to learn this material until you master it.  The seminar on the other hand only lasts 2 days. 

10-What is Mastery?
Mastery allows you to save time by increasing control and efficiency. It is based on knowledge and practice. Once you master a process, your knowledge guides you towards conducting the process quickly and efficiently while exercising an elevated level of control. In other words, you are able to do a world-class job in the most efficient manner. Mastery comes from study, practice and reflection. It also comes from repetition, from doing the same thing until it becomes second nature. 

11-How cutting edge is the information on the DVD?
It is totally cutting edge.  In fact, it is the exact process that I use right now to market my work.  I will also provide updates to the DVD as new tools become available, as I write new essays on how to sell your photographs, and as my thinking on this subject continues to move forward. This is not a static body of knowledge. Instead this knowledge is evolving and increasing and the contents of my tutorials reflect this fact.

12-What is the main idea behind the DVD?
The main idea behind the DVD was to create a high-end tutorial.  The Marketing Mastery DVD  is comparable in quality to my Navajoland portfolio, except the Navajoland Portfolio is a fine art project while the Marketing Mastery DVD is a tutorial project.

When you look at how long it took to create both products you also find similarities.  The images in the Navajoland portfolio took me 7 to 10 years to create.  The portfolio itself took over a year to assemble.  The Marketing Mastery DVD features everything I learned during the past 10 years selling my work. The creation of the DVD itself took one full year. 

13- How does the Mastery DVD fit into your teaching goals?
My teaching is divided in two parts : the first of these two parts is my “live” workshops, an environment where we study in person,  either in the field or in the classroom.  This is a personal experience where exchange is favored, questions are encouraged and contacts are made.  It is also a wonderful opportunity to discover new places, make new friends, create new images, have them reviewed, work 1 on 1 and more.

The second part are my CD and DVD tutorials. These feature knowledge that can be used at a distance, without the need to travel, attend a class or be in physical contact. The CD/DVD tutorials offer extremely high value for your money because you do not need to pay for travel cost, lodging expenses, car rental, restaurants, gas, and other related expenses. They also save you a lot of time compared to learning on your own and having to go through a trial and error process.

The Marketing Mastery Workshop on DVD fits into this second part but goes further than my previous Marketing CD. The Marketing Mastery DVD is a support system that operates at a distance, without the need to be in physical contact.   The idea behind the Marketing Mastery Workshop on DVD is to provide a “club-like” environment .  Membership is acquired automatically when the DVD is purchased.  Afterwards,  DVD owners continue to receive free upgrades for a full year as they are introduced and have the option of purchasing an "Upgrade pack" at an affordable price after the first year is over.   The DVD provides unique advantages that are particularly valuable (see Question 9 above).

The only other tutorial I have that compares to the Marketing Mastery Workhop on DVD is the Printing Mastery Workshop on DVD. Both are comprehensive tutorials that cover a specific aspect of photography in an extremely detailed manner.

14-How does the DVD compares to your other Tutorial CD’s and DVD’s ?
The Marketing Mastery Workshop on DVD is the second DVD tutorial which is intended to work as a complete course. This DVD contains all the information that is taught during the Marketing MasterySeminar.  It is designed as a stand-alone product .

My other Tutorial CD’s and DVD’s are designed as support materials that focus on a specific area of photography such as how to compose a photograph, how to create a portfolio, how to start marketing your work and more. While they cover the subject in depth, they are designed to work in conjunction with my workshops, usually as support materials or as exercises used to strengthen your skills.  They were not designed to act as a workshop.

My other Tutorial CD’s also contain less information than the Marketing Mastery DVD.  For example, the Composition CD features two movies while the Marketing Mastery DVD features 80 movies.  This is because my regular CD’s and DVD’s focus on one specific step of the entire process. 

15-Does this mean your other Tutorial CD’s duplicate the information on the Mastery DVD?
No. There is no crossover and no duplication of information between any of my Tutorial CD’s and DVD’s.  Each Tutorial CD or DVD features information that is not available on the other CD’s and DVD’s. I decided to follow this approach because it is efficient and simple and guarantees the highest value for your money.

16-Can you give me a short list of the different areas covered on the DVD?
The Marketing Mastery Workshop on DVD is a complete course in 29 steps and 80 substeps covering every aspect of selling your photographs. It starts with setting goals you want to reach and takes you all the way to making sales of your work through different venues. The course is based on my personal approach selling my work, an approach that I learned, developed and refined over the past 10 years. It covers the following areas:

- An introduction discussing my approach to marketing and selling fine art photographs
- The best kept secret in photography today
- A presentation about what it means to be an artist in business
- The importance of learning to take charge of your own destiny as an artist
- Why not being afraid to sell your work is important and how you can achieve it
- Why having a personal style is important in helping you market and sell your work
- A presentation on the differences between Advertising, Marketing and Salesmanship
- A discussion and presentation of the most important Marketing Secrets
- What are the best and the most effective places to market your work
- A presentation of the marketing materials I use and that I recommend you use as well, including actual copies of my materials
- How to conduct black and White Conversions following different approachesHow to conduct black and White Conversions following different approaches
- Why knowing your audience is so important
- What are the best places to sell your work
- What you need to have to do business
- The difference between quality and quantity
- How to price your work, including a step by step process on pricing photographs for retail and for wholesale
- What is a USP
- How to negotiate effectively and how to become a great negotiator
- Why just about every sale is a negotiation
- How to acquire and use leverage
- Fullfillment: how to stock, pack and ship your work
- How to solve customer problems, including the golden rule in regards to solving problems.
- How to do art shows profitably
- A marketing-focused print review
- Ideas for successful opportunities and products
- A list of over 100 resources and materials that I personally recommend and use in my work
- A Marketing wall-chart complete with detailed instructions on setting goals and planning an effective Photography Marketing program

These and the rest of the 29 steps are taught through audio files, presentations and PDF files. There are over 400 files on the DVD, each focusing on a specific area of the selling and marketing process.

17-Can the Marketing Mastery Workshop on DVD audio files play on my iPod
Yes. You can play the audio files on your iPod. In fact the audio files will play on any iPod, computer, mp3 player or any player that is designed to play digital audio files.

The Marketing Mastery Workshop on DVD plays on iPods

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