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  Grand Canyon Portfolio  

Havasu Falls Horizontal
Linhoff Master Technika 4x5 with Schneider 75mm lens. Fuji Velvia in Fuji Quickload holder

Havasu Falls is one of three large waterfalls in Havasu Canyon a Southern tributary of the Colorado River. Upstream from Havasu Falls are Navajo Falls and downstream Mooney Falls.

I have been asked many times if the color of the water "is really that blue?" I can guarantee you that it is. The color comes from a white mineral called travertine which floats in the water. When mixed with the blue color of the sky reflected in the pool it creates this incredible turquoise color for which Havasu Falls is world famous.

Havasu means "blue green water" in Supai, the language of the Havasupai Indians. Havasupai means "Children of the blue green water." The Havasupai have lived in Havasu canyon for several hundred years. There is still no road to their village located a few miles above the falls and it is the last place in the US where mail is delivered by mules.

Located on the Havasupai Indian Reservation Havasu Canyon can be reached either by helicopter, starting at the Tusayan airport, or by foot starting either from the Havasu Hilltop in the Western Grand Canyon (past Peach Springs) or from the Colorado River if you are on a river rafting trip.

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