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I write extensively about photography -both photographic technique and aesthetics- about the business aspect of photography, and about photography as art. My writings and photographs are published both in print and on the internet. This is only a partial listing.

This page features a partial list of essays and articles available on the web.
Keep in mind that this is only a partial list of essays. I write year-round and this list is not updated regularly.

My monthly column, Briot's View, is published on
Here is a listing of the articles currently available:

1 - Single articles
George Lamont Mancuso- a Remembrance
Monitor Calibration & Image Matching
4X5 - The Agony and the Ecstasy
Be Prepared
Briot's Books — On Photographers and Landscape Photography Books
Apple Cinema Display review
Using the Fuji 617 Panoramic Camera
Panoramic Photographs
Epson C80 Printer Review
Epson ColorLife Paper review
Epson 9600 Review
Seeing The Light — Sunrise at White Sands
Homage to Edward Curtis
How to price and sell your Photographs
Q & A on how to sell your photographs
How to sell your photographs at art shows
How to mat your photographs
How to ship your photographs
Gitzo 2227 Carbon Fiber Explorer tripod review
Epson R800 Printer Review
A Rebel in Paris: A review of the Canon Digital Rebel, also called 300D, digital camera.
Quickmat-Virtual Matting has arrived

Epson R1800 Review
Inkjet Control Review (Black and White inkjet printing)

Canon 1DsMark II and 4x5 comparison
Whibal as Lens Shade
Joseph Holmes Chrome 100 color space
Using Bill Atkinson's Epson 9800 Profile Bouquet
Epson R260 Printer Review

Alain Briot Portfolio
PhotArt number 4, December 2006

2 - Article series
A -
Photography and Aesthetics Series: an 11-parts series covering both film and digital capture

This series is now available as a book: Mastering Landscape Photography. You can order the book, signed, dedicaced and accompanied with a companion print, at this link.

Part 1 - How to see photographically
Part 2 - How to compose a photograph
Part 3 - How to choose the best lens
Part 4 - How to find the best light
Part 5 - How to select the best "film" with both film and digital cameras
Part 6 - How to find the best exposure with both film and digital cameras
Part 7 - How to decide which photographs are"Keepers"
Part 8 - How to create a portfolio of your work
Part 9 - How do create a personal Style
Part 10 -Being an Artist
Part 11 -Being an Artist in Business -Part 1 -
Part 11
- Being an Artist in Business -Part 2
Part 13 -Being an Artist in Business -Part 3
Part 14 -Being an Artist in Business Audio Recording

B - Reflections on Photography and Art: a multi-part series focusing on photography as art
Part 1 - Introduction
Part 2 - Art & Science
Part 3 - Subject Matter & Print Size
Part 4 - Of Cameras and Art
Part 5 - The Eye and the Camera
Part 6- Just say Yes (on
-------- - Just say Yes (on
Part 7 - Paradigm Shift
Part 8 - Memories of What I have Seen - available by subscription to Briot's View
Part 9 - Finding Inspiration
Part 10 - Exercising your Creativity
Part 11 - Developing your Vision

Part 12 - Achieving your Personal Style
Part 13 - Collecting Photographs & Art -- coming soon
Part 14 - Owning your subject -- coming soon
Part 15 - The image-creation process-- coming soon

C - The Making of an Image: a multi-part series focusing on how my photographs are created (upcoming)
Part 1 - New Lands Night
Part 2 - Hoodoos
Part 3 - Monument Valley Afternoon
Part 4 - Comb Ridge Clouds
Part 5 - Totem Pole
Part 6 - Clearing Spring Storm

D - Thoughts and Photographs: a continuous series addressing many different aspects of photography related to art, creativity and more. Includes essays by students and contributors. See the Table of Contents for a complete listing of this series which features 49 essays so far.

E - Craft and Technique: a continuous series addressing the technical aspects of photography. This series includes essays by students and contributors. See the Table of Contents for a complete listing of this series.

Mastering Landscape Photography
by Alain Briot
250 Pages with over 200 full color photographs
Available now

Epson 9600 diary
Moving your studio diary
Alain's Canon 300D Journey
Print of the month Collection (includes details about how each photograph was created)

News about my current activities such as presentations, new work, etc are regularly posted to my site as well as on and on New articles are being added regularly so check back often to discover the latest releases! Both and are wonderful resources for photography. I strongly recommend visiting both sites regularly.

My essays are extremely popular and draw an international readership. They are available in the following languages:
- English (see above. My articles are originally written in English)
- Dutch - Esthetica en Fotografie
- Italian - Estetica e Fotografia
- Portuguese - Estética e fotografia 1
- Portuguese - Estética e fotografia 2
- French - Interview
- French - Interview
- French - Comment Composer un Paysage
- Spanish - Estética y Fotografía
- Swedish - Att vara konstnar
- German - Einen persönlichen Stil entwickeln
- German - Was es heisst, Künstler zu sein
- Greek - PhotoEidolo
Hungarian - Esztétika és Fotográfia
- Hungarian - Audience and Best Sellers

I am interested in having my articles translated in other languages. If this sounds like something you want to do please contact me Your help is very much appreciated.

Interview with Cristina Tinta,
, May 2013

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