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Your Personal Style article was wonderful. I think it really hit the mark.
It has made me reflect many hours on "who I am."

Jackie Stoken, Briot's View CD subscriber

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In January of this year I decided to make PDF files of my articles available by subscription. This decision was motivated by the cost involved in researching and writing my current series of articles (Being an Artist took over 3 months to write) and the cost associated with providing the necessary bandwith to allow for constant PDF download (last year I used to make PDF versions free for download from my site).

Your purchase allows me to continue writing these essays and supports the maintenance of this site. Natalie and I very much appreciate your support. We believe that when you see the quality of my current articles you will agree that the cost of your subscription is very much worth it when compared to how much it will help you improve your photography.


List of questions about the new Epson R1800 printer answered in my review:

• What is the main advantage of the R1800 over the R800? 
• Which printer should I get, the R1800 or the 2200?
• Price is an important consideration for me, what do you suggest?
• Will the 2200 disappear and the R1800 replace it?
• Which prints will last longer?  Those from the R1800 or those from the 2200?
• What is the exact difference between the R1800 ink set and the 2200 ink set?
• Will Epson offer a “Pro” version of the R1800 such as the 4000, 7600 or 9600?
• When will such a printer be released?
• I like to print color prints on glossy paper and black and white prints on matte paper.  Which printer should I buy?
• Are there other advantages to the R1800 over the R800?
• How good are the “canned profiles” for the R1800?

• Where can I see a print made on the R1800?

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How good are the “canned profiles” for the R1800?

Two CD's of my writings are currently available:

1 - Briot's View Articles CD-1 : features all my essays on photography. Over 40 articles, many available only on this CD. The list is below. Available now in three different ways:

1-As a stand alone CD for $19.95 including shipping anywhere in the world.

2-As a CD plus a one year subscription to Briot’s View PDF files for $34.95.  With this option you get the CD mailed to you with the latest  PDF files on it and you are emailed each new article in PDF version as they are published at no extra cost for one calendar year (12 months from the day you start your subscription).

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2 - Alain's Marketing CD-1: features an extensive collection of writings and materials on How to Market your Photographs. This CD has all the materials you need to get started with your photography business, take your existing photography business to the next step or learn how to market photography. If you enjoy reading my articles you will enjoy reading the texts on this CD, even if you do not currently sell your photographs. Available now for $34.95.

About my articles series

I write extensively about photography -both photographic technique and aesthetics- about the business aspect of photography, and about photography as art. My writings and photographs are published both in print and on the internet.

PDF files make it possible for you to read my articles without being logged onto the web. They also make each article easy to print the articles. Furthermore, content has been added to some of the articles and the presentation is book-like. If you enjoy reading my articles online you will love reading the articles on these CDs. The CDs will allow you to have all my articles in one convenient place so you can refer to them easily. It will also allow you to search through my diaries easily -- such as my Epson 9600 diary-- because a detailed table of contents has been added to it. The diaries are also in chronological order for easier searching and reference. Finally, several presentations are provided on this CD. These presentations have never been published before and their content is not duplicated in any of my articles. These are a must read if you follow my work and my writings.

Contents of Alain's Marketing CD-1:
(all files are both in the original file format -Word or InDesign- and in PDF format so you can open them on any computer whether or not you have Word or InDesign. If you do have Word and/or InDesign you can then use the original files as templates and modify them for your own needs. All the writing, formatting are done, you just need to change the information. This feature alone will save you years of work!

The Marketing CD contains 14 folders filled with files, note, photographs, examples, and much more. Here are the contents of each folder:

1 - Marketing Secrets
------- Why marketing is so important to your photography business
------- The Six crucial steps to building a photography business
------- The Twenty Three Salesmanship Secrets you cannot afford to ignore if you are in business to make money
------- The Twenty Marketing secrets that will revolutionize your business when you implement them
------- PDF files of all files
2 - Testimonials
------- Why Testimonials are important
------- Original & PDF files of Alain's Testimonials
3 - Unique Points and Warranties
------- Why your Warranty is your most important business asset
------- Why it is crucial to have a list of Uniqe Aspects
------- Original & PDF files of Alain's Warranties and Unique points
4 - Artist Statement, Biography & Vitae
------- Why your Artist Statement, Biography and Vitae are so important
------- How do you write an Artist Statement, Biography and Vitae?
------- Original & PDF files of Alain's Artist Statements, Biographies and Vitaes
5 - Labels & Notices
------- Why having great labels and notices is important
------- Original & PDF files of the labels and notices used by Alain
6 - Signs & Price tags
------- Why having carefully-designed signs & price tags will help you generate many more sales
------- Original & PDF files of the Signs & Price tags used by Alain at his shows
7 - Stationary & Invoices
------- Why the Staionary and the Invoices you use are so important
------- Original & PDF files of the Stationary & Invoices used by Alain
8 - Business cards
------- The secret you need to know about business cards before you even have them printed
------- Original & PDF files of the Business Cards used by Alain
9- Certificates of authenticity
------- Original & PDF files of the Catalogs used by Alain
------- Original & PDF files of the Certificates of authenticity used by Alain
------- Many additional styles of Certificates, in original and PDF formats
10 - Gift Certificates
------- Why having a gift certificate is a must
------- Original & PDF files of the Gift Certificates used by Alain
11 - Ads & Special Offers
------- Why you cannot afford not having a special offer
------- Original & PDF files of the Certificates of authenticity used by Alain
12 - Order forms
------- The best kept secret about order forms
------- Original & PDF files of the Order forms used by Alain
13 - Catalogs
------- What you must know before you ever publish a catalog of your work
------- Original & PDF files of the Catalogs used by Alain
14 - Show display examples
------- Photos of Alain's display at many different shows
------- What you should and shouldn't do to have a successful show

Contents of Alain Briot's VIew CD-1:
(all files are in PDF format unless otherwise indicated)

A - Single articles
1 - George Lamont Mancuso- a Remembrance
2 - Monitor Calibration & Image Matching
3 - 4X5 - The Agony and the Ecstasy
4 - Be Prepared
5 - Briot's Books — On Photographers and Landscape Photography Books
6 - Apple Cinema Display review
7 - Using the Fuji 617 Panoramic Camera
8 - Panoramic Photographs
9 - Epson C80 Printer Review
10 - Epson ColorLife Paper review
11 - Epson 9600 Review
12 - Seeing The Light — Sunrise at White Sands
13 - Homage to Edward Curtis
14 - How to price and sell your Photographs
15 - Q & A on how to sell your photographs
16 - How to dot art shows
17 - How to sell your photographs at art shows - part one
18 - How to sell your photographs at art shows - part two
19 - How to mat your photographs
20 - How to package and ship your photographs
21 - Gitzo 2227 Carbon Fiber Explorer tripod review
22 - Epson R800 Printer Review
23 - A Rebel in Paris: A review of the Canon Digital Rebel, also called 300D, digital camera.
24 - How to mount Canvas Prints - only available on this CD

B -
Photography and Aesthetics Series - a nine-parts series on photography covering both film and digital capture:
25 - Part 1 - How to see photographically
26 - Part 2 - How to compose a photograph
27 - Part 3 - How to choose the best lens
28 - Part 4 - How to find the best light
29 - Part 5 - How to select the best "film" with both film and digital cameras
30 - Part 6 - How to find the best exposure with both film and digital cameras
31 - Part 7 - How to decide which photographs are"Keepers"
32 - Part 8 - How to create a portfolio of your work
33 - Part 9 - How to develop a personal Style
34 - Part 10 - Being an Artist

C - Diaries
34 -
Epson 9600 diary
35 - Moving your studio diary
36 - Alain's Canon 300D diary

D - Digital Fine Art Summit Presentations - these presentations are not available anywhere except on this CD
37 - Seeing Presentation - learning how to see beyond the commonplace -- 2003 Summit
38 - How to mount, mat, frame and sign your work presentation --2004 Summit
39 - The Art of Digital Photography -- 2004 Summit
40 - Navajoland Portfolio Presentation -- 2004 Summit
41 - Navajoland Portfolio Movie Presentation -- 2004 Summit (in Quicktime format)

All essays, articles, diaries etc. are copyright © Alain Briot 2004
All rights reserved worldwide