Personal Style Master Class

Testimonial from Dr. Ciro Rustici


I own the Composition Mastery Workshop on DVD, the Layers Mastery Workshop on DVD and the Personal Style Master Class Workshop on DVD. The wealth of knowledge I received from them took years of frustration off of my study in developing my skills as a landscape photographer.

I just received your latest Personal Style Master Class,and when I thought your master class series couldn't get any better, I am amazed and in awe at the amount and depth of information you generously give to your students.They say that a great teacher is one that strives for his students to far exceed their own perceived limitations.

This is obvious in all your Master Class Series. I greatly encourage anyone that wants to take their photography beyond their expectations to study all of your Master Class Series now.

My only challenge is that my wife has to remind me to eat and spend some time with her,as I get lost in what the next lesson will bring to my growth and expression in photography.

Thanks for being my mentor and friend.

Dr. Ciro Rustici

( Side Note); Im sure our spouses would much happier if your future Master Class Series would be far more boring and dull so it will be easier to get their partners away from their studies. HA HA.

Dr. Ciro Rustici