How does the Personal Style Master Class Workshop on DVD
compare to my book on
Photographic Composition, Creativity and Personal Style ?

1 - Why the two have little in common:
I received several questions about how my book "Mastering Photographic Composition, Creativity, and Personal Style" is different from the Personal Style Master Class workshop on DVD.

These are good questions. The short answer is that there is simply no comparison. The Master class is heads and shoulders above the book. Get the Master Class if you want to be successful at acquiring a personal style by following the process I designed. Get the book if you want to learn how to create better photographs.

The long answer is that Personal Style has been a focus of mine for many years. "Mastering Photographic Composition, Creativity, and Personal Style" was written 4 years ago (in 2009). The book was my very first attempt to write about personal style. Personal style is only 1 of the several subjects featured in the book.

After writing the book I received a lot of feedback from students and readers, including requests to address aspects of personal style not covered in the book. The Personal Style Master Class is the result of taking these comments and requests into account and featuring the subjects not covered in the book in the new Master Class.

The Master Class is also the result of 4 additional years of continued research, writing and teaching (from 2009 to 2012) on the subject of Personal Style.

2 - In addition:
- The Personal Style Master Class workshop is a Master Class and not a book. A Master Class is much more focused and detailed and features much more content than a book.
- The Master Class is a workshop on DVD, not a book.
- The entire Master Class is about Personal style. The book is first and foremost about composition and partly about personal style.
- The goal of the Master Class is to help you develop a personal style. The goal of the book is to help you take better photos.
- The Master Class teaches what I studied at the Beaux Arts in Paris. The book does not.
- In fact I never taught what I learned at the Beaux Arts before creating the Personal Style Master Class workshop on DVD.
- The Master Class presents a precise process to develop a personal style successfully.
- It includes a plan of action, a schedule and my 'road to success'.
- The Master Class features several evaluations forms to find out where you are at in regards to your personal style.
- The Master Class features 18 sections each devoted to a different aspect of Personal Style.
- There is no duplication of the materials provided in the book - none.
- Everything in the Personal Style Master Class is 100% new and has never been published in a book or DVD before.
- The Master Class features text, audio and video. The book features only text.
- The Master Class features about 10 times the content of the book if all the audio, video, presentations etc. were transcribed into text.

Also, in case this is of concern, I have no plans to publish a book about Personal style. I need the audio/video format provided by the Master Class approach to teach this material the way I want to teach it.

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