Navajoland Puzzles CD

The Navajoland Puzzles CD features 75 puzzles featuring 25 different photographs. Each photograph is offered in 3 different puzzle sizes: 45 pieces, 100 pieces and 200 pieces.

The three different puzzle sizes allow you to adjust the size of your puzzle to a specific level of difficulty. It also allows you to control how much time you want to spend completing a puzzle.

The 45 piece puzzles can be completed in about 15 minutes, 100 piece puzzles in 45 minutes and 200 piece puzzles in an hour or longer.

Below are thumbnails of all 25 photographs featured as puzzles on the CD.
You can download and try a free, fully functional, 45 piece puzzle here.

You can download the CD table of contents, in PDF format, here

Screen views of the Sand Dunes puzzle scattered and completed are displayed below.

Sand Dunes 45 piece puzzle scattered

Sand Dunes 45 piece puzzle completed

All photographs and text are copyright © Alain Briot 2005
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