The Printing, Composition and Marketing Mastery
Workshops on DVD Trilogy Series

Introducing the Mastery Workshops on DVD Trilogy series

This unique series of 3 extensive tutorials is designed to first, complement our workshops and second, to provide you with the exact same knowledge taught in our Trilogy Mastery Seminars.

These seminars, which consist of 3 separate 2-day classes (6-days total) are taught in Phoenix each spring in February. They differ from our field workshops in the sense that they are taught 100% in the classroom.

The Mastery Workshops on DVD series provide you with the knowledge shared during the seminars, but without having to travel anywhere. You can study the materials anywhere you want and as many times as you want. You also do not need to take notes, or record the lectures, since all of this is done for you and provided to you on the DVDs.

A detailed description of each DVD is provided to you by clicking on each of the 3 the links below. The 3 seminars represent the 3 main areas of photography which starts with composing an image in the field, then continues with converting, printing and matting your photographs, and concludes with marketing and selling your work.

1 - The Composition Mastery Workshop on DVD

2 - The Printing Mastery Workshop on DVD

3 - The Marketing Mastery Workshop on DVD

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