Win $1000 worth of ink and paper

Any printer, any manufacturer

Win $1000 worth of ink and paper
If there is one thing that we all need it is ink and paper. And, if you are like myself and like most photographers, there never seem to be enough of either and eventually they amount to a significant expense. Well, here is your chance to both stock up on ink and paper and save some money.

On the occasion of our 11th year in Business anniversary (1997-2008) we are offering a unique promotional drawing through which you can win $1000 worth of ink and paper for any printer by any ink and paper manufacturer (not limited to the manufacturers whose logos appears above).

How this works:
This offer is very simple: purchase any product or service offered on our website and you are automatically entered in the drawing. This includes our CDs and DVDs tutorials, our Portfolio cases, our Workshops and Seminars, our Custom mats, Books, Fine Art Prints and finally Music CDs. Everything that we offer, be it product or service, qualifies.

Your name is entered each time you place an order
Each time you place a new order, your name is entered into the drawing again. So, for example, if you place 2 orders your name is entered twice. If you place 3 orders your name is entered 3 times and so on. In other words, the more orders you place the more chances you have of winning.

You are automatically entered when you place your order, either online or over the phone.

Here is the list of our products and services - all qualify for this promotion:


Tutorial CDs

Mastery DVDs

Fine Art Prints


Custom mats

Music CDs

Portfolio Cases

You can also order by phone at 1-800-949-7983 in the US and 928-252-2466 internationally,
and by email at

Alain's experience selling photographs is not only extensive, it is phenomenal.
Here is one of the best selling living photographers sharing how he is selling and marketing
his work, sharing what he is doing and explaining how you can do it too.
This is unique.

I don't know of anyone else who is doing this or of anyone else who plans on doing this,
especially not a photographer who is at the top in terms of sales.

John Besham

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This offer will run from (date 2010. It is open to anyone, from anywhere in the world, except where prohibited by law.The winner will be decided through a drawing. If you are the winner, you will be asked which ink and paper you want us to send you. You will be able to select the manufacturers of your choice, for both ink and paper. This offer carries no cash equivalent. The $1000 value includes tax and shipping. Duty, import or other taxes are not included in this offer and will be paid by the winner of this auction (if applicable). This offer is organized solely by Beaux Arts Photography. Because of some state and country laws, you are not required to purchase to enter. You can simply email to with the words "ink and paper contest" in the subject line to enter. Of course, by doing so you will defeat the purpose of this promotion and will reduce the chances that actual buyers have of winning this prize. Printer, ink and paper manufacturers are not involved in this offer and do not provide free paper or ink for promotional purposes. Instead, all ink and paper will be purchased through retail outlets by Beaux Arts Photography. We reserve the right to decide which retail outlet ink and paper will be ordered from.

All materials (except ink and paper manufacturers logos) are copyright © Alain Briot 2010
All rights reserved