Twelve Master Files CD
10 Years Business Anniversary Special Offer

Complete list of contents of the Twelve Master Files CD

A - Twelve Master Files, as follows:

1 - Playa Reflections
7 - Zabriskie Point
2 - Antelope Double Ray 2
8 - Monument Valley
3 - Canyons of the San Juan 1
9 - Sierra Arch
4 - Upper Antelope Canyon
10 - Hoodoo Circle
5 - Mists of the San Juan
11 - Sedona Vine
6 - Kyaatataypi Night
12 - Sabino Trees

Each master file contains, on average, about 10 layers or more. If you are not familiar with the concept of Master File make sure to read my free essay titled "The Master File".

B - A tutorial Movie showing each step I followed to create the Master File for Playa Reflections
This is the first time that I make such a tutorial available. This tutorial was designed to be the perfect complement to the 27 steps tutorials on the Printing Mastery Workshop on DVD. This new tutorial goes further than those on the Printing Mastery Workhop on DVD.

Click on the image above to watch a sample of the Tutorial movie.
This sample is about 4 minutes long. The actual movie is over 50 minutes long.

On the DVD I explain how to do all the enhancements that I conduct on my photographs. On the Master Files CD Video Tutorial I go one step further by explaining not only how but also why I make specific adjustments and enhancements to the file. I also explain why I chose a specific RAW files among tens of other photographs I created when I captured Playa Reflections. I then proceed to explain my speficic artistic and technical goals for this image, and the reason why I made specific choices among hundreds of possible choices.

In short, in this tutorial I take you along for a journey into my mind, so to speak, a journey in which I reveal why I make the choices that I make when I created on this specific Master File.

C- The option of ordering a Matted or Matted and Framed signed print of Playa Reflections along with your Master Files CD
This audio recording details all the steps I followed to create this image, from field work to black and white conversion, to optimization, to printing and more. In it I explain why I made the choices that I made when I created this image. The movie tutorial and the master file are not currently available separately.

This Video tutorial starts with a discussion of why I took this photograph in the first place. I talk about what inspired me, what I was thinking about, what my goals were. I continue by discussing the equipment I used and how I took the photograph.

I continue by showing the settings I used to convert the RAW file. I start by talking about why I selected one particular image among the 10's of relatively "similar" images I took on that day. I continue by explaining why I chose specific Raw conversion settings.

I then go into Photoshop and show exactly how I created the many (over 10) layers for this file. I talk about why I create the layers in a specific order as well as why I chose specific enhancement techniques rather than others.

Finally, I discuss the choices I made in regard to printing this image: the paper, profile and printing settings I chose and why. I conclude by talking about the matting, mounting, signing and framing choices I made and why.

All in all I cover all the steps I go through in the DVD in regard to how and why I created Playa Reflections. It is a fascinating process and the closest you can be to listening to me explain to you how I created this image from A to Z without being with me in person. No need to travel! You can simply order this CD and learn all of this in the comfort of your studio.

I have found with the 'Printing Mastery Workshop on DVD', and my two prints from you, Zabriske Point and Sabino Trees, that the included Master Files with all your adjustment layers have been the single most valuable learning tool I have used. So, when you announced the 12 Master Files CD I was very excited. Thanks for sharing as much as you do about the art of photography.

Leo Dejan,  Santa Fe, New Mexico

D - A unique, limited time, special offer
Until now my Master Files were only available with some of the Prints of the Months and with the Printing Mastery Workshop on DVD. This is the first time that I make the master files available by themselves, on a dedicated CD. Until now they were available only with the Print of the Month or on the Printing Mastery Workshop on DVD.

Each Master File is valued at $50 (see my print of the month with Master File pricing). The Master File CD, which features 12 master files, is therefore priced at $600 (12x50). The CD comes with a 15 minutes + tutorial video at no extra cost. This tutorial shows you exactly how I created Playa Reflections, from how and why I composed the image the way I did to how I converted it from Raw to all the enhancements and adjustments I completed in Photoshop..

However, If you are one of the first 40 to place your order your price is only $399, a saving of $200 ! This is our way of saying "Thank you" for your business.

Shipping costs are included in each order. You do not pay extra for shipping no matter where you live in the world. Each order is carefully packed. Shipping is via US air mail. Your package is insured and trackable.

12 Master Files CD
10 Years in Business Special Offer
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12 Master files from my most popular images. Plus one video tutorial showing each step I followed to create the master file for Playa Reflections

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