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Watch one of the movies on the CD

1- Over ten PDF files explaining how to use the viewfinders and all the files on the CD

Viewfinders PDF__________Detailed explanations for all the files on the CD

2-Movies in which Alain shows you exactly how to use the Mask and Overlay files on the CD


3- Twenty Photoshop Composition Overlay files featuring Alain's photographs
Each file features composition lines indicating exactly how each photograph is composed. The photograph and composition lines are located on separate layers that can be turned on or off independently to show just the photograph, just the composition lines, or both. 10 different composition styles are featured in this manner, for both horizontal and vertical compositions. Four of Alain's photographs are provided on each Mask file together with a blank layer on which you can import your own photographs.

Photograph & composition lines__________Composition Lines only_______________Photograph only

4- Six Overlay Mask files featuring 3 different types of masks for both horizontal and vertical compositions
Each file features three different kinds of masks:

____Black border masks______________Colored lines masks____________Solid color overlay masks

The opacity of each mask can be adjusted to reveal the photograph underneath:


Masks are provided for both vertical and horizontal compositions:

The same photograph as a 6x6 and a 6x17 composition. All is required to make the change is a mouse click to turn off one layer and turn on another.. The Composition CD allows you to achieve in minutes what took me years and years to learn:

Square or panoramic? The choice is yours and so is the visualization of which option you like best.

5- Blank Composition Overlay files in which you can import your own photographs
Each Blank composition File features the composition lines for each of 20 different composition styles, in both vertical and Horizontal formats. These composition lines appear on top of your photographs after you paste it in allowing you to immediately see if your photograph match this specific composition. If not you can import the same photograph into a different composition overlay file and see if it matches your image better.
Blank Leading Lines overlay____________Blank Rule of Thirds overlay

6- Eight viewfinders to study composition in the field
The viewfinders are the exact same formats as the Photoshop overlay mask files allowing for seamless integration between composition in the studio and in the field.

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