Marketing Fine Art Photography

I wanted to write to you as one professional photographer to another to say how much I enjoyed your book 'Marketing Fine Art Photography'. I received the book several days ago and devoured its entire contents in a single sitting. I ended up with a notepad full of my own notes and a plethora of new ideas to further my own marketing efforts. I found elements of it timely as I have two exhibitions opening in Australia and Tasmania later this year.

Now that I have had time to reflect on the contents of the book over the last few days I wanted to pass on my personal thanks for providing me with your learning experiences; some of which I have likewise learned through the school of hard knocks and some that I now will be able to successfully navigate around. Although we reside on the other side of the globe we are dealing with the same business fundamentals as Fine Art Photographers. I feel my own knowledge of marketing has been enriched through the experience of reading your book Marketing Fine Art Photography.

Joshua Holko, Australia

I am using your book as my 'bible' as I move into selling prints at art fairs next year. I've been doing research this season -- your book has been most timely for me.

Drake, over email

I am reading your book right now and getting tremendous value. I really appreciate your honest, no-nonsense style as well as the humor you have sprinkled throughout the book. Although have been taking photographs for a long time, I am just now working on turning it into a business. Your book is very helpful.

Haluk, over email


Your book is brilliant. Extremely well done. It contains myriads of both common-sense practices and observations that are often overlooked, and specific hints, tips and techniques honed by years of your very successful experience at the highest level. This kind of detailed, practical guidance is something I just haven't seen anywhere else. It's by far the most thorough, practical fine art marketing material I've ever seen. We have two big exhibitions scheduled and another one or two in the scheduling process and your book is now our guidebook for maximizing the impact and success of these events. It couldn't have come at a more opportune time for us.

Thank again for this brilliant work. I honestly can't put into words how timely and helpful your book has been for Renee and me.

All the best,

Robert and Renee Ash

I have to say that this is not just a great Photography Marketing book, But also a GREAT business Book. I could see this easily being used in a business school. Its about values, not just techniques.

Miles Free III

Although I do not envision selling my work anytime in the near future I bought the book figuring there would be some useful info that I could apply in the workplace somehow (personal brand, etc). I have so far read Part 1 & Part 2 (Chapters 1-8) and I can say that the book is more than I expected (not that I have low expectations for any book from Alain based on all the previous ones). I found that these first 8 chapters contain much information that causes me to think differently about my work and artistry in general and gives me energy to do some different things in the future. Good stuff Alain!

John Motzi, PA

I really like your latest book on marketing. It is a very personal and interesting success story of you guys loving what you do so well. Thanks for sharing.

Peter Hewitt

I just finished my first pass of your Marketing Fine Art Photography book and thoroughly enjoyed the read. It is the most complete and thorough book on the subject I have ever read. I spent more than 30 years as a Financial Advisor and have always been involved in marketing and salesmanship, so I am familiar with much of what you say in this excellent book.

Anyone with aspirations to take their photography to the next level and sell their work at premium prices should read this book. It is the ultimate guide with easy to understand examples, language and lists of how to do it that is on the market. A must read for and success and great for continuing reference.

Thank you for organizing and putting together this wonderful work. I plan to recommend it to many photography friends.

Lou Kellenberger
Tallahassee, Florida

I have followed your work and have always admired your work. I recently checked out your book and decided to buy it. This is the marketing book I am talking about. While ordering I decided to take the plunge and bought all 3 of your books via Although I did not yet read them completely, I hope to read them fully on my vacation in 2 weeks.

Anyway before I digress too much, I wanted to thank you for being so selfless with your information and showing us the way to think differently. It's so easy these days to be just run of the mill. I also understand why you do not have this in some electronic form. Holding the book just make me feel good. I like reading on the iPad , but a book of this quality can only be enjoyed in your hand.
Once again, thank you for your noble effort.


This book is just unique and great to read. It covers so many things that you always thought about and struggled to figure out. All photographers should read this book.

Just received my copy yesterday. I couldn't put the book down until sleep took over eight chapters in. Very engaging and though provoking discourse on the definition of "Fine Art" and Art Movements".

The author eloquently describes the various marketing options and provides a concise method to determine which marketing approach best suits your style. Personally I am choosing the quality vs quantity approach. Looking forward to the remainder of the book.

Alain thanks for sharing your wisdom, knowledge and experience!

Bob Douglas

I finished your book Monday Alain. It is truly a book that every photographer looking to sell their work should have in their hands. You covered every area in depth and shared knowledge that would take years to learn on your own. It will be a book I continue to reference on a regular basis. Thank you.


I'll make this short. If you are a student, an emerging or a professional photographer just wanting to improve your bottom line, read this book. The author is personable and helpful and the text is ENJOYABLE.

Now, I am going to buy your other books.
Christine Goldbeck

Seemingly addressing the thousands of photographers who would like to make (or make more) money selling their photography comes this challenge from a professional who made enough money from the sales of one print to pay for his house in cash, "Put up or shut up." That's the message that lies between the lines in Alain Briot's third book, Marketing Fine Art Photography. Briot's point of view isn't intended to be harsh, but revelatory for the casual shooter.

His first two books helped readers learn how to master composition and creativity, develop their own personal style, and learn landscape photography. Now he reveals the results of years of hard work, trial and error, and experimentation to become a successful purveyor of fine art photography.

Briot says that the first key component of long term success (both artistically and financially) is, "Photography must be your career in order to succeed." He re-iterates this point in his three part definition of "fine art photography." The three parts are: artistic, technical, and marketing, each of which is further divided into as many as fourteen parts. He says, "The photographer must consider himself an artist." For Briot, a photographer doesn't "capture an image", he "creates art". Both the career choice and self image as an artist are quite simply attitudes -- attitudes not fully embraced by the photographic hobbyist.

As my personal sales mentor,Jim Winner, always says, "You have to accept responsibility for your own attitude," if you're going to be successful at doing what Briot recommends with the title of Chapter One: "Taking Control of Your Destiny." In his studies and research, Alain Briot draws upon the work and inspiration of people like John Maxwell, Zig Ziglar, Percy Whiting and Dale Carnegie. Carnegie used to tell people to speak or write about something for which they had earned the right to talk about. Briot certainly has earned the right in this instance and has the success to back it up.

Marketing Fine Art Photography is divided into six parts that takes readers through the necessary steps required to achieve the level of success they desire. This reviewer would encourage readers to become students and learn from Briot's experiences. Apply his principals from creating a best seller on purpose to using marketing tools and selecting venues from which to make the best sales. (Venues discussed include everything from art shows to social media to affiliate programs.)

Each chapter ends with a "Skill Enhancement Exercise" to help students assess their own situations and apply what they've learned. In the "Conclusion," Briot returns to attitude with a chapter titled, "Art is not a commodity." We agree. Art is not a basic need like food but rather something we want. Art adds meaning to our lives and fulfills an inner desire that transcends just another picture hanging on the wall. If you are a photographer and have the desire to provide for those needs of your fellow man, turn pro, make it a career and follow Briot's steps to success.

Franck Etier, North Carolina

Excellent - Clear, Concise, Informative for Fine Art Photography

After waiting several months for the release of this book, I was pleasantly surprised how readable, clear, concise and justified the approach was. The author clearly differentiates between fine art photography and other forms (ie, stock photography for example). If you are searching for ways to monetize your hobby...this is probably NOT the book for you. On the other hand, if you are searching for tried and true methods of turning a "hobby" into a full-time artistic pursuit while creating a stream of income from your fine art...this IS the book for you.

The author takes the time to provide a strong foundation for fine art photography as compared to other forms - something the reader would be well advised to examine in brutal honesty. Does your photography really qualify as fine art? If not, can it or should you keep moving to find your own niche? From that foundation the author goes on to explore all of the nuts and bolts of selling, marketing, showing and networking including mention of recent technology ranging from payments to social media marketing. There is a superb balance between tried and tested methods and new approaches with an emphasis on realistic steps designed to help you begin at the basics and grow from there.


To Market, To Market

Often photographers believe that the images they capture are marketable to others, and have a yen to sell them. The way to do that is not always apparent, but Alain Briot offers one way.

The title makes clear what the book is about. It is not concerned with the creating of images. It is concerned with earning a living from the creation of fine art. Essentially he makes and repeats several points: if you don't market, you can't sell; go for small quantities and high prices; sell fine art photographs at art fairs. Everything else in the book supports these theses. The author convincingly repeats and amplifies these points over and over. If one buys into Briot's arguments, this book is quite thorough. He provides lots of details, ranging from the setting up of one's booth at an art fair to some of the most useful advice I've seen on preparing an artists statement.

Briot often sounds like a motivational speaker or a TV pitchman with his enthusiasm for his subject and I found that occasionally off-putting. Yet the content for his recommended type of marketing is certainly excellent. Although I might question whether the best way to make a living selling fine art photography is by peddling through art fairs, I must admit that his implementing recommendations make sense and agree with what artists who sell by this method tell me. On the other hand, many successful photographic artists make their living in other ways. For example, some photographers have supported themselves by selling through galleries which Briot notes is an entirely different road than he would recommend. Even so, some of the author's advice is applicable to other methods of selling fine art photographs. Most important is the recommendation that one can only sell fine art photographs by making a major effort to market. The author's recommendation to devote 50% of one's time to marketing may sound shocking but it rings true.

A few questions are glossed over. How can one tell if one's images are good enough to sell? Even though Briot has been financially successful, what are the odds that most photographers can achieve his level of success? Even the author seems to conclude that the only method of knowing the answers to these questions is to give them a sustained try. If the art fair route makes sense to you the book will provide an excellent foundation.

Conrad Obregon

How to sell your fine art photos

If you have ever wondered how to sell your fine art photography, then this book: 'Marketing Fine Art Photography' will show you how from A to Z.
From knowing what a fine art photo should incorporate; framing and packaging; where to sell; how to price and sell your photos; how to package and ship your photos;
the fundamentals of marketing, salesmanship and business, etc. Great referance book for the fine art photographer.


Detailed info on most aspects

Bear in mind that the author's experience is in selling photographs through art shows, and consequently the content of the book is largely focused on art shows. Just a few pages on having a web site. Very little on being represented by a gallery. Nothing on artist collectives. However his strengths are that he's very detailed with his guidance on art shows and running an fine-art business, and extremely generous in relating his own mistakes and epiphanies as he worked his way to success. He's really thought it through and it results in a helpful book.

Peter (Los Angeles)

Simply Amazing

It's not surprising to see such an amazing book from Alain Briot, again.
The book, as I believe, can be extended even beyond photography and fine arts; to most businesses if I should say.

Briot here discusses not only the materialistic venue of achieving a business but also other aspects, like the psychological venue, and even motivational venue. When it comes to details, Briot as well discuss in deep simple matters as what kind of stationary supplies you might need.

The author also shares some of his own personal stories and give examples of how his vision changed with time, and how he raised from low to high. I think Alain Briot succeeded in covering all the aspects related to starting and going on a business. Chapter 15 specifically was appealing to me because Briot shares in it his own words of wisdom, and contains lot of motivational push to the merit.

Such book should be on the shelf for its many aspects, marketing, and non-marketing.

TJ (Kuwait)

Marketing Fine Art Photography

This is a book that I have wanted to have 20 years ago. It could and hopefully will still help my photography business like nothing else has to date. All the critical information for this very difficult field is covered. To energize the work force books like this should be written on a whole lot of vocations. EXCELLENT BOOK. Amen

Ronald E. White (Mount Vernon, WA)

A wealth of information!

I have been getting more and more involved with fine art photography and this book has been tremendously helpful to me! It is packed full of good information, well-written and easy to follow. It's inspired me to create a photography marketing action plan and I'm looking forward to the results!

WindRider "Pro Artist"

Tips & Tricks of Selling your Art

I found this book to be full of information that I have not read elsewhere that deals with selling one's photographs. It discusses Marketing in detail as it relates to photography; The in's and out's of selling Wholesale, Consignment, or Retail. What to Sell, where to Sell and how to price. Salesmanship and business. Shows and how to set-up for them. Artist Statements. Warranties and many more interesting things that one doesn't think about.

Even though I have read about different aspects of selling one's Art elsewhere it is nice to review these points again, especially as they relate to photography. Anyone that is going to attempt to sell any kind of artwork should read this book. Being that the author tested out these techniques over many years, it will save one lots of grief in the long run.

There are some chapters that don't go into great detail about certain subjects being that they would take up a whole book themselves. The author does point this out, but it is good that he did discuss these subjects a bit.

Definitely buy this book. It is one book that will pay for itself many times over.

Scott Knudsen (Air Ronge, Saskatchewan Canada)

Lots of good info and typical marketing strategies

I have jumped through this book and am using it more as a reference as opposed to a full read. There are some good examples of actual strategies used that are specific to the topic. Marketing of course is not much different here than for anything else. Persistence is key.

Andreas Hohl "VaderVideo" (Tucson, AZ USA)

Great Photography book

It's one of the best books I've ever read on photography. Although, I had professionally trained to do photography and I knew many points which mentioned in the book, but having all them together was really great. It's not just a book for marketing, It describes all aspects of capturing fine art photograph and finally focuses on selling it. And I noticed it's a book for all photographer regardless they are beginners or professionals! there are very useful points for all of them and every one based on his level of knowledge may find many interesting things on it. So I really recommend it to everyone who has passion on photography.

By Mani Pirouzbakht (Carlsbad, CA)

Excellent and Insightful - great tips and advice

This review is from: Marketing Fine Art Photography (Paperback)
Thanks for a great book. I learned just how many things I was doing wrong, and appreciated all of the hard-learned pearls of wisdom.


A clear and concise method to the madness

Alain Briot has put together a very clear method to market fine art photography. I have been trying to market my work for around five years with limited success. I am sure this book will help trmrndously. Anyone in the field would benefit from reading and following his method.

Mike Nalley

Informative and Inspiring

When you pick up this eye-catching book with the glorious color landscape photograph on the cover, one has a sense of anticipation about it. I could not wait to delve inside...which I immediately did.

I will admit I was daunted at first by the Table of Contents - It's three pages long. A lot of material in a book that is 313 pages.

The book is divided into six parts with a total of 21 chapters, not to mention a Conclusion and two Appendices.

The listing of the various parts is just an overview of what is found n the individual chapters...simple to read, but offering a glimpse at what is contained within. The six parts are:

1- Selling Fine Art Photography
2- What to Sell and Where to Sell It
3- Fundamental Aspects of Marketing, Salesmanship and
4- Selling Your Work at Shows
5- Personal Skills
6- Business and Marketing Tools

The most intriguing aspect in the detailed Table of Contents was the "Skill Enhancement Exercises" at the end of various chapters. This excited me in an odd way - not only was the author interested in getting his information out, but also let the reader test their knowledge and understanding along the way.

So I began with Part 1- Selling Fine Art Photography. Part 1 was found on a double page spread of another beautiful landscape - already I was starting to feel creative. Next page, another photo and a quote:

"Successful people do things that unsuccessful people are unwilling to do" - John Maxwell

Chapter 1 was aptly named "Taking Control of Your Destiny."

What Alain discusses in the beginning is that a successful photographic business is about choices, taking control and making sacrifices. That if you choose to want it bad enough to work hard enough, dreams do come true.

He also discloses the "best kept secret" is also the best known secret in the advertising world, which is as follows:

`A poor photograph that is well-marketed will always outsell a great photograph that is poorly marketed.'

Better equipment, expense equipment, "pretty" pictures - don't sell photographs. Marketing does. Better marketing results in better sales.

The only secret to marketing is finding what works for you, and then systematically apply the system

The goal of marketing is to generate sales that would not otherwise be generated.

The purpose of marketing is persuasion and how to achieve it.

The key element of marketing is effectiveness.

So there is the goal, purpose and key of marketing - why read the book?

Besides the photos, inspiring quotes and exercises, there is the easy read of the book itself. Anyone interested in marketing should read it. Lots of good information that can be geared to not only the Fine Art Photographer but can also be applicable outside of that category,.

I think the most telling section of the book was Part 5 - is about Skills. The fourth category is titled `Personal Skills.' Starting with Advice, Anger, Approach, and Attitude through to Time, Validation, Winning, Why, and You. The author has great insight on how photographers tick, and the approaches that leads one to the road of success.

Some of the best advice Briot gives the beginner is to try your marketing at Art Shows, as a way to test the waters, and to get a grasp on what sells and doesn't out of your image library. Sound advice for those starting out with a tight budget.

Marketing Fine Art Photography is published by Rocky Nook, and is available on for a price of $26.97, a discount of 40% off list price.

If you're really serious about marketing your photography, especially to make a living (or supplement your current income), be sure to check this volume out. It is worth many times the cover price in value to you. It's like getting a college-level marketing class between two covers.

Definitely a `Must Have' for the serious photographer.

[Originally published in the October 2011 issue of Horizons, the newsletter of the Computer Users of Erie, Erie, PA] Review written by Tanya Mattson

Mark Mattson (Erie, PA USA)

Must have for any serious photographer pursuing Fine Art

Alain Briot breaks down the mystery of Fine Art Photography into a very easy to read and thought provoking book! I initially read the book on my Safari Books e-reader and loved it so much that I ordered a hard copy which brings even more value from this strong work by the brilliant teacher and photographer - Alain Briot!

Ken Snyder




All The Help You Need and More

This book is chocked full of pertinent information for successfully getting your work to market and includes every conceivable topic to guide you along the way. I like the fact that the book tells it like it is and is not a "Become a Millionaire in 30 Days" type of tome that promises everything and delivers nothing. This book gives you more than you need in the way of choices to successfully promote and sell whatever photographic product you desire and how to avoid the pitfalls that lay in your path. Excellent production values and wonderful photographic examples throughout. A must have for any serious photographer!

Bob Stares

Marketing Fine Art Photography

This is easily and by far the most essential book (for me) that I have read. And I've read many! I didn't know the author was from Paris where I live and struggle at times to sell art to these "art loving" people. This book lays it all out in simple and easy to read terms. It is also written in a way that makes it very enjoyable to read. I've been taking photos for 30+ years and thought I knew a thing or two, well this book and added to my stock, and is one I'll keep for reference and sound business practice.
Merci beaucoup!

Kevin Hayden

Brilliant and Thorough

This book is brilliant. Extremely well done. It contains myriads of:

1) common-sense practices and observations that are often overlooked, and also
2) specific hints, tips and techniques honed by years of Alain's very successful experience at the highest level in his art and craft.

This kind of detailed, practical guidance is something I just haven't seen anywhere else in one place, covering even which kinds of booth materials to buy for exhibiting in art shows and how to design your booth depending on where your booth is located in the show (corner booth, side booth, etc.). Last weekend we just opened a big 2-month exhibition at the State Theater of Kansas that's been very successful and have another exhibition coming up in October in California wine country. Alain's book is now our guidebook for maximizing the impact and success of these events. It couldn't have come at a more opportune time for us.

Now that our exhibition has opened it will be useful to go through a number of the skill-building exercise sets in Alain's book, yet another unique contribution he's included at the end of each chapter.

Robert Ash

Takes the subject out of the "subjective" realm

Although a bit repetitive at times, Alain clearly speaks from experience, and really boils it down to what needs to be done to get the word out there when you're trying to sell your images in the fine art market.

You can tell he's very talented when it comes to guiding us along the road to successful marketing in this very unique market. This is a book that you can read over and over again.

Great stuff!

Michael H Rose (Salem, MA, US)

This book is a "must have"!

I am a full-time student and a part-time photographer. This book has helped me put together a cohesive plan to market my work. It has also given me ideas that I hadn't thought of before. Using the principles in the book is starting to pay off for me now and I am so glad that I read this book to get it all started. I have already made sales and I haven't even finished reading the book yet! I really like the photographs showing the author's set-ups and products and also the exercises at the end of each chapter. By answering those questions honestly, my eyes were opened to exactly what my photography business was and what I wanted it to be. I highly recommend this book!

M. Savage

This is a carefully crafted and clearly written "instructional manual" directed towards the individual who wishes to transition from amateur to professional photographer. It delineates the steps necessary, the pathway, to establish a fine art photographic business. The rationale behind each recommendation is clearly enunciated. Some "themes" are iterated repeatedly, but each time in a slightly different context or from a slightly different perspective. The book definitely provides a "road map" towards the stated goal. I highly recommend this book to anyone striving to be a professional fine art photographer. Note that it is directed toward fine art photography and not particularly toward wedding, portrait, etc. photography.

C. Rudlin (Richmond, Virginia United States)

If you want to be selling images

Well I have not completed my reading of this book by Mr. Briot but I have read enough to give my opinion on this.
I think this book can be used to make success in more than selling Images. I have to say also that this book will not sell the images for you! no you have to want to do this because it will take time but this book is probably one of the best if not the best tool to help people start selling and understand what needs to be done. I'm amazed how thorough this book is and it is only my bad English preventing my to express how much I like it. I have read a good part of the book and I sometimes stop just to think about what Briot is saying and how really simple it is. And I have to say if you are to success in selling photographs you have to want it. There are many super good photographers out there which have perfect camera gear take technically excellent images but they do not sell images. After reading this book it only comes down to the photographer to make the decision what to do next he has the perfect tool to start with the book "Marketing Fine Art Photography"

The only negative thing. I wish Alain Briot had make this book sooner so I could have this sooner !!!

Johannes Frank

Sweating the Details

One thing for sure, Alain Briot sweats the details. It can be a little tedious at times, as when he enumerates the "26 Fundamental Principles of Successful Marketing" and the "25 Most Common Marketing Errors", but his advice is concrete and comes from well-documented personal experience. He doesn't leave you wondering where you should begin if you want to sell Fine Art Photographs. Taken a piece at a time, with some ability to skim the obvious stuff and the stuff you already know, this book is an excellent how-to. Recommended.

Donald M. Craig "dmc"

Great Book and truly usefull for Photographers,

This book is just unique and great to read. It covers so many things that you always thought about and struggled to figure out. All photographers should read this book.


Very focused (no pun intended), June 15, 2011

I hate to join in and give 5 stars to this book - like everyone else (to this point) has. As I started reading this, I wasn't immediately convinced that this was more than an ego book for the author (I had not read his other books). I soon found that this is a very thoughtful and insightful analysis of photographic art as a business. 5 stars it is...

Make no mistake, this is a business book, not a book on how to be a fine art photographer. The discussion of the art and business of photography is well balanced and will help photographers of all artistic direction and focus. Mr. Briot is (primarily) a landscape photographer, but I am sure this book will help all fine-art photographers.

The focus of this book is clearly selling quality as opposed to selling quantity. After reading this, you may still decide that quantity is the right choice for you, but you will be better prepared for that niche after reading this.

This is a terrific book. Nice job. (I have subsequently ordered Mr. Briot's other books.)

James A. Williamson