Mastering Photographic Composition,
Creativity and Personal Style


I love this book and  recommend it to anyone who is a serious photographer and wants to take it to the next level. People like Alain Briot are a real gift to the rest of us.

Manuel Pedroso

I wish to thank you for the two books you have written on Mastering landscape Photography and Photographic Composition.

Your enthusiasm of landscape photography and the very useful and concise information on this subject has inspired me a great deal. I keep referring to your books for my training.

I look forward to meeting both of you in April for the Navajoland workshop

John, North Carolina

Subject: Love your book!

Hi Alan. My name is Guy; an 18-years-old boy from Thailand. About 3 years ago I bought a book you have written "Mastering Landscape Photography", and I love it! I have read it so many times. The book teaches inspires me a lot.

Thanks for writing such a great book!
Guy, over email

Hi Alain,

I'm a student of landscape photography from Buenos Aires, Argentina.
I just finished reading Photographic composition, creativity and personal style for the second time.
Love the book it is great I also enjoyed the first one a lot.

The chapter "Just say yes" helped me a lot. I've been confronted and even bullied around by some fellow photographers that claim that altering a landscape is not photography, they called my pictures "digital collages", "experiments" and even suggested that I can't enter competitions but on a special category. I realize now that arguing doesn't make any sense, I will just present my work and if asked about changing some things I will just say "Yes".

I'm the admin of a spanish spoken forum for latin american photographers, I wonder if you can concede us an email interview about the subject of creativity, landscape and the dreaded manipulations question in landscape photography. A debate would be awesome but I don't know if you have time for that because it would need to go back and forth with questions and reply.

Cheers from Buenos Aires,
A fellow student and reader
Luis, over email

Dam!!!!! you have done it again.  Just as I feel comfortable in work along comes another set of ideas of goals or thoughts which inspire me to reexamine what I am trying to create.  Have just started book but enjoy the (dry) humor such as "I buy the best cards, lenses and equipment I can find".  Hope to work my way through in the next week or two.
Steve, Texas

Your book and the excellent print arrived yesterday. I was amazed by the
rich contents of the book and I am sure that it will be my invaluable
guide for many years to come. Just want to say a big thank you for sharing your expert experience with us.
TK, Hong Kong

Your book has arrived today and it's in perfect condition.  I feel bad for paying so little for the book - you should charge at least 10x more! I took a quick glimpse and I'm amazed with all the information that you put up together and all the things that you reveal that I'm sure most photographers wouldn't dare to!
Luis, Brazil

I really enjoy your new book, “Photographic Composition, Creativity and Personal Style.” I have probably read approximately 30 or so books on the subject of Landscape Photography (I enjoy reading).  Your “Mastering Landscape Photography” is the most insightful for me. The discussion of your journey as an artist captured my imagination and helped point me in a direction that was both liberating as well as daunting…development of a personal style.

That is why your second book resonated with me.  The subject of a personal style may be the most important topic that isn’t covered, and if covered only indirectly, in photography books that I have read so far (and I have read a bunch). You really handle it well. The challenge of defining abstract concepts in a practical and rational manner must have been as introspective as it was probably incredibly time consuming. I am most appreciative.
Lloyd, Texas

Thank you for writing the book "Mastering Photographic Composition,  
Creativity and Personal Style". For me it is a must read, no other book goes into such detail about how to go from idea to finished print.

What struck me most in the book is that you explain your workflow in a very detailed way. From the start, the idea (creating art) to the finished product (the print).

It has caused me to look at the scene in a complete different way as I was used to. You're an equal excellent photographer, master printer and a writer.
Emmanuel, over email

I got my copy of your second book last week. I really like the chapter about how to develop your own style and inner self as a photographer. I have both of your books. They are fantastic and full of great ideas.
Iris, on Facebook